I’m back and don’t feel like doing much

my other hobby i

Well…….I’m back.

I got back yesterday at around 3 pm and the first thing I did was throw my smelly, dirty trekking pack in my bedroom and high tailed it to the mall to buy a new video game.  No shower, no change of clothes, it was just me in all my glistening oily splendor going to the mall to walk amongst clean shiny people as if I was one of them.

The whole trip reminded me of playing an RPG (role playing game).

I would be lost, following animal trails instead of people trails, wading through rivers with strong currents, getting run down by packs of mules and all I could think was, “Why experience Real Life what you can experience in a Game?”

I haven’t showered in, well, gee I can’t remember the last time I showered.  It was in Katmandu before I got on a plane to take me to Delhi, than to Brussels followed by my last flight to Newark NJ.  It was a 30 hour plane trip, but went by relatively fast thanks to Xanex and vodka.  Riding on those flat moving walkways in the airport while doped up on no sleep and pharmaceuticals can be pretty trippy.

I’m laying in bed.  1:37 pm.  My job is already calling me, but I have yet to pick up the phone.  My plan today is to eat, finally take a hot shower and shave everything, lotion everything and put on some clean dry clothes.  Then, I don’t know.  Play my game some more?

I’ll write about my trip, but I want to make it one long blog post instead of splitting it up.  I kept a journal and I have pic’s and a fresh vivid memory of the whole thing, so I can hold off on writing it for a bit.

I need to rest and unfurl.  Disentangle a bit.  Wait for my writing capabilities to effloresce (awesome word) before I can tackle one of the most emotional experiences of my life.

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