This is my daughter Melanie, she’s 384 months old…….

My Mom tells me she’s going to take up smoking Pot while I’m gone.  She doesn’t know how else she’ll get through it.  My Dad on the other hand, is all giggles.  He read my Nepal book about the trek I’m going on and was laughing at all the close calls I’m going to experience.

I never seen him this excited for me.  He thinks I’m nuts, but he’s happy that I’m nuts and doing something like this.  He gave me a holy pendant to wear around my neck.  He says its been everywhere around the world except Nepal.  He wore it when he was in the military and it originally belonged to my grandmother.

I’m leaving today for my adventure.  I don’t know how I feel about it, but there’s no turning back now.  It’s only for a month, but out of the 384 months that I’ve been on this planet, this is the one I’m going to remember the most.

Mom – “I can just picture you in the Himalayas with your little backpack and that look on your face.”

Me – “What look?”

Mom – “That look that you get sometimes.  I can picture it.”

Me – “What does the look look like?”

Mom – “I can see you looking all around up at the mountains and wondering where the hell you are and what you’re doing there.”

Me – “Oh, that look.”

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