Starbucks Shananigan’s

My two-hour massage cancelled on me and so here I am at Starbucks.  I’m still as crabby today as I was yesterday.  I need sleep.  I want to burrow my body into a little nook and hide somewhere.

There are two very bubbly girls sitting across from me.  How are people able to do that?  Be bubbly?  Now they’re laughing hysterically.  Good for them.  I’m happy for them.

Last night Joel and I met two interesting, desperate poor souls.  One was so skinny that he looked like he was on drugs (I actually picked him up and spun him around), and the other was a short, chubby girl with spina bifida who kept flirting with me and by the end of the night blatantly came out and asked me for my number.  But she kept saying the skinny guy was her fiancé and they were madly in love, so as usual, I had no idea what was happening.

They didn’t have a car, no money, and they lived in a hotel room next to the T & A truck stop.  They seemed nice enough, but I kept checking to see if my wallet was still lodged in my pocket.

I didn’t give her my number.

“Oh, well, I come here all the time.  You’ll see me here a lot.”

I mean, even if I was a lesbian, she’s totally not in my league.

Wow, I’m totally sitting here zoning out and looking out the window.  I’m watching the barista’s take the trash out to the dumpster and thinking how much I hated jobs where I had to take out the trash.  I hate jobs.  Period.

The two bubbly girls in front of me are actually partaking in a job interview for Starbucks.  The over-the-top friendly manager just got up off her chair and left the newly minted employee to read something on a laptop.

I hated job interviews.  I knew I would get hired, but hated applying for a job that I knew would suck.  I knew it would suck because they all do.

I need to sleep.  I’m such a miserable jerk today.  I can’t shake it.

Okay, here’s my new plan.

1)  Hike the Himalaya’s.

2)  Come back home and save $2000 for an aromatherapy oxygen bar machine.

3)  Start my own business.

4)  Take a few college classes.

5)  By the summer of 2013, go backpacking through Europe.  I don’t care if I go it alone –  it would probably be great if I was alone.  It will finally be the time alone that I craved for so long.

Okay, so there’s my plan.  Does it sound enticing?  Does it sound like it’s doable?

One can dream, can’t they?  Of course this all depends on if I survive the Anapurna Circuit.

Now the manager is telling the new girl about her Starbucks story.  It sounds like it’s mandatory for all managers to tell their story.

“I graduated college?  I went to the university of Vermont?  I didn’t know what I wanted to do until my fifth year and by then I didn’t take the right courses for my degree?”

She’s laughing and being bubbly.  How does she do it?  Whats her secret?

An old man is sliding out of his car and limping into Starbucks.  What a cute old man.  Is he capable of being bubbly?

Old man – “I was in the Vietnam war?  My wife has spina bifida?  I have two titanium hips and a plastic rotator cuff?”

I can picture Betty White being bubbly, and maybe that Jessica Tandy, but other than those two, I can’t think of any.  Especially not an old man war vet.

He’s limping back to his car with his coffee, smiling at us as he walks by.  He makes me smile back at him.  Everyone has their own silent happy tune.  Some are just louder than others.

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