OMG SHiT! Did I just do a Defamation in my pants?


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My blog has been growing for two years.  Each day I add to it and each day it become’s a little more powerful.  So when someone types the words “Christina Massage Envy” into a search engine, my blog will sure enough pop up.  And that’s just what happened – just now, two seconds ago.  Not only did they type the words “Christina Massage Envy” but they also put in the name of the town where we’re located!

I’m freaked out!  FREAKED!  Is this what they call defamation?  Shit.  Shit shit shit.

I didn’t write anything false.  I mean, I did make my job look pretty bad on a published website which can technically be labeled an act of defamation.  Shit!

Christina was quiet today.  She ignored me completely.  Yesterday she was fine, chatty and upbeat, but today – oh good lord this isn’t good.  She didn’t look at me once.  She must have read my letter of resignation – which was not falsified – all of it was true.  But did someone tell her about my blog?  A few of my coworkers have kept up with reading it, but were they talking about it and Christina overheard?  SHIT!

The very least punishment I can get for this is for them to fire me, but can they take me to court?  Will I be fined?  No, no that’s silly.  I’m over-thinking this.  Can I just say that I was suffering from temporary insanity when I wrote that?  And that post was heated up and dramatized for entertainment purposes.  I mean, I didn’t include anyone’s last name, or the town that I work in, so it would be an incomplete act of defamation.

Besides all that, I don’t want to hurt Christina!  I seriously don’t!  She’s not a bad person and I’m sure she means well.  She just caught me on a bad day is all.

The morning of the day I decided to quit, I had a dream.  I wasn’t planning to quit anytime soon – I was enjoying my job for the most part, but that morning I had a horrible dream that M E was testing drugs on me.  They were using employee’s as lab rats for experimental treatments.  It was a really bad dream – totally unprecedented.  One of my coworkers, Bob, who is honestly one of the sweetest people you can ever meet, told me in my dream that I should quit before it’s too late.  And so I did.  I quit in my dream.  As I was walking out of the massage clinic, I hoped that I made the right decision.  It felt right, but I was still sad.  Then I woke up and was so relieved to find it was all just a horrible dream.

“Oh thank god!  I can’t afford to quit now!”  But then I remembered about my stupid ability to foresee future events.  Many powerful dreams like that end up coming true for me.  It’s a crappy ability, trust me.

“Oh shit.  I’m either going to get fired or quit today.  But why?  How? On what basis does this make any sense?”

By the end of the day, it made perfect sense.  My dream, as usual, gave me a glimpse of what’s to come.  Stupid ESP I hate it!

I need a beer.  I have one left.

Holding down a steady blog for two years gives it weight and power.  I’m not just writing for my own entertainment anymore.  I’m no longer scribbling my life into a notebook like I did for the fourteen years prior, no.  People are actually reading this shit.

Freedom of speech baby yeah!  I also have Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights on my side.

But even if nothing happens to me, no criminal charges filed……I’m genuinely sorry if she did read that post – it wasn’t meant for her to see.  I can be angry at someone one day, and love them the next.  My ability to undergo radical forgiveness of other’s is so profound that it reaches the farthest depths of my humanity.  I forgive and I love, it’s what I do.  No matter what the circumstance.

Shit.  What if she comes after me?  What if she puts a bomb in my car?  No.  That’s not going to happen.

I can’t wait to leave the country.  Me and my big oaf of a mouth.

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One response to “OMG SHiT! Did I just do a Defamation in my pants?

  1. ned

    Its totally fine, it was me, check your email for a crazy coincidence.

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