Melanie the crappy masseuse

I’m sitting at the coffee place in Barnes & Noble because Starbucks is packed.

After I bought my latte I said to the barista; “Why don’t they put out a tip cup for you guys?” And she said they are allowed to take tips but can’t put the cup out as a lost prevention type of thing.  She says this as she handed me back my penny.  Do I leave her the penny?  Do I fish out a dollar?  Giving her a dollar would be humiliating, wouldn’t it? But a penny would be worse.  So I left nothing at all which makes me feel like a cheap superior bastard hoarding wad’s of cash.

Why do I ask stupid questions I already know the answer to?  My question was pointing out how trite it is for Barnes & Noble not to allow them a tip cup.  I was envisioning the tip cup at Starbucks overflowing with quarters and bills – I felt bad.  I wanted this barista to know I was on her side.  If there was a petition, I would sign it.

I’m only working three hours today.  My life is hard I tell ya….

One of my clients is a two hour.  He requested me and we talk and talk the whole time.  It’s practically not even work.  That’s the habit I’ve been getting myself into lately – not paying attention to what my hands are doing.  I’m so used to talking to most of my clients that I’m focusing on their stories and not how well I massage their lat’s.  It’s developed into a habit.  I now suck at massage.

All I want to do is talk to people.  I don’t care about how well I massage them – I just like to talk.  Massage is obviously not my calling but I have to stick it out for now.

All my co-workers LOVE their job.  Only two of them want out and they’re going into nursing – but they’re still in the manual labor job of helping others.

I want to help people, but with my brain instead of hard manual labor.  My hands are delicate damn it!

I can’t say I hate my job, though.  Considering the alternatives for an uneducated gal, massage is pretty kick-ass.

I am not happy with this post.  No, not happy at all.  It sucks.

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