My date: Part one

Lead singer Mindi Jackson in the music video.

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I went out on a non-date with the lead singer from a band today.

I met him on New Year’s eve’s eve at a bar he was singing at. I was sick with a snivelling dreadful cold, tired from massaging 6 people and still in my work uniform – basically it makes a good recipe for a bunch of guys hitting on me.  One being the singer.

He started Grobing me.  That means he sang a Josh Groban song to me.  It made everybody in the bar – which were quite a lot of people – to shut up and listen.  He didn’t even have a mic.  He has a really nice voice.

When I’m at a bar, as I mentioned in my last post, I drink and be merry – loving everyone in general.  I pick up numbers and never call them.  I give out my number (sparingly), but never answer my phone.  This time was different.  I wanted to be nicer by sugar-coating my blow-off attitude.  He is the lead singer of my friends band after-all, and I will most likely be seeing him again.

At first I ignored his texts, but had a change of heart.  I heard he recently had his heart torn out by some chick and he’s still in recovery.  I had to text him back, I just had to.

I texted him – I have sunday free!  Want to go to sushi palace?  Do you eat sushi?  I can pay for myself cause I don’t date, but sushi sunday sounds awesome!

I thought this would be a good signal as to not expect anything from the romance department.  I was wrong.

We went to Plan B because it was half-way between his house and mine.  It would’ve taken him over an hour to get to North Haven for Sushi Palace.

I wore my high zip-up leather boots, blue jeans and my zombie killing t-shirt that I wore over a long-sleeved shirt.  I wasn’t dressed up, but thought the outfit matched my personality.

I shoved my phone and my electronic cigarette into my boot and drove to meet him.

I enter the restaurant and spot him.

Lunch went smoothly enough.  He talked most of the time so I got a little bored but it wasn’t too bad.  I’m a good listener, but like to add in my own opinions and stories from time to time which I found difficult to do in-between his breathing gaps.  I wasn’t too bothered by it though.  I was looking forward to packing up the other half of my burger and snuggling up to finish reading the rest of The Hunger Games.  I was exhausted anyway.

On Thursday I started reading the Hunger Games before bed but couldn’t put it down until 4 am.  The same thing happened on Friday – I went to bed at 4 am and woke up at 9 am to massage 5 people.  I was planning to stay home after work, but my friends were going out for a “quiet” dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and so I went with them.

We stayed at the Thai Hut until they closed down for the night and transformed into a private Thai karaoke party thrown by the owners of the place and their friends and family.  They sang Thai songs and danced.  One of the Thai women grabbed me and Lisa from our booth and took us to dance a traditional Thai dance.  It involves spreading your fingers apart and slowly swaying your hands (I watched a documentary on tv today that showed this dance and so I knew they were in Thailand – I learned something!)  I was tired as hell, but having fun and getting drunk off Singha.  I liked that we were the only white people there.  It felt far away from the excruciatingly normal restaurant chains on Queen street (Queen street is in the Guinness book of world records for having the most restaurant chains).

When I got home at 2:30, I finished off my leftover sweet and sour pad with squid while watching Netflix.  It was around 3:00 when I finally nodded off.

I was hungover when I woke up.  I needed a recovery day, but met Norm instead for lunch at one o’clock.  He had this thing to go to after which I was thankful for, so I happily sat there listening to him gab until our time was up.  But something happened.  His friend cancelled on him and he had a couple hours free to hang out some more.

At this point I couldn’t tell if he was interested in me or not.  He was texting and made a phone call – it gave me the impression that he wasn’t into me.  Which is perfectly okay – I’m not easily hurt when these things happen.  I was thankful actually.  I turned off my charm during lunch – if I had it on, I may have been hurt at least a little.

Norm – “Let’s hang out some more, let’s get out of here.”

My heart sank, but I agreed.

Norm – “Let’s go back to my place.”

This should’ve been a red flag moment to bail or suggest a different place, but I was too tired to care.  “What’s a few more hours?” I thought to myself.

It’s 8:30 pm right now.  I’m going to finish reading the hunger games and finish writing about my date tomorrow.  I’m simply too tired to write.


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