Cheese and Rice!

ex boyfriends ugly new girlfriend

Um, okay.  So this is Dave’s girlfriend, Heather.  She’s the woman who wrote me those messages on Facebook that I copied and pasted here for you guys to read.

I’m not into looks.  I don’t judge people on them, don’t let their good or bad facial characteristics factor into how I feel about them on the deep emotional/intellectual level – I never have.  My brain doesn’t work like that.  But this picture seems to push through my impartial perceptions to appearance and make me think, “What the fuck? Dave seriously?  What the fuck man.”

They been dating for maybe two years now?  Dave cheats on her, treats her like shit.   He makes horrific rude comments to her that he tells me about, and she still takes him back every time.  Ten years his senior (citizen) and you would think she know’s better, but no.

Heather says to Dave – “What do you think about me adopting a child?”

Dave – “Why would you want to adopt a little bastard baby?”

Heather’s adopted.  Dave’s an idiot.

Okay, so I did some research on this type of relationship.  What I found out makes a lot of sense.  Heather is an inverted narcissist who seeks out love and attention from regular narcissist’s who are also seeking love and attention.

Being a narcissist turns out to be more than just glamming yourself up and claiming you’re better than everyone .  There are plain narcissist’s who feed off of other people’s undivided attention towards them.  If they can find a person to give them a constant stream of narcissistic supply, they will never leave that person.

Narcissistic supply is the place where a narcissist get’s his daily ego fix.  Heather is Dave’s supply.  Heather is a co-dependant – clingy, needy, pathologically envious and emotionally sensitive.  She’s an inverted narcissist because she seeks out and clings to outgoing, misogynistic narcissists who need her for their own warped needs.  She get’s her narcissistic supply from Dave, and Dave, from her.  They dock together like a circumcised penis attached to an uncircumsized penis.

Some guy at the bar last week told me that guys with uncircumcised penis’ like to roll their skin over another guys penis like it’s a chinese finger trap.  They call it docking.  I wanted to write about it but couldn’t think of how to fit it in with anything, but this works.  Heather and Dave are like two penis’ docking.

Three french hens, two penis’ docking and a partridge in a pear tree.

I’m in the christmas spirit.

I started reading about narcissism and found it fascinating because I AM one.  Well, partially one.  I claim to be a lot of things, but this really hits home.  The reason I like going to bar’s so much is for my quick “love” fix.  I feel loved and wanted there (bars are my narcissistic supply).  And when I date anyone new I ask myself;  “Do I only like this person because they like me so much?”  And I hate the answer but, YES!  I only like them because they like me and it feels great for a while.  But then that person, my victim, starts to get clingy, needy and pathologically envious so I’m forced to drop them.

My victims become inverted narcissists instead of being just regular, everyday people who like me for the sake of liking me.  Their want of me became a need, and that’s when I know the relationship is heading in the wrong direction.  This is why I don’t date.  Something is majorly wrong with me and I have to figure it out before I can date again.

I’m a narcissist with exploding head syndrome.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

I just got home from the bar.  I’m tired and gonna go to bed.   My brother wants me to paint him a picture for Christmas, but God damn  it it’s hard!

This was my bedroom as I saw it (while lying in bed) at 5 o’clock this evening.  I’m trying to draw God’s hand floating over the ocean with a dock floating on the water.  I may add a person standing on the dock reaching out to touch the huge God hand, but it’s freaking hard!  Painting is not easy, so no wonder why they cost so much.  Cheese and rice (AKA: Jesus Christ)!  I don’t want to take a closer picture of the painting cause guess what?  It sucks!

I may regret posting this post, but I won’t know until tomorrow morning when my head is less foggy and headachey.

Enjoy to all my 21 subscribers who get this before it’s deleted!

Ha ha, wordpress offers me picture’s to insert into my post depending on what words I use.  They are showing pic’s of guys penis’s, Jesus Christ, and this guy:

English: Picture of myself, I am a narcissist....

Image via Wikipedia

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