My Ex-boyfriends Girlfriends Hate Letter To Me

hi mel i just have something that has to be said im well aware that something happened between you and dave a few mths ago,with that being said i have something to say to you, 1st of all you were one of the few girls that dave introduced me to that i liked,thank you for ruining that as well as dave has royally screwed up also.the next time i see you i expect a huge apology from you as well.i deserve at least that much,also id appreciate if you and dave just not hang out for a very long time til him and i work things out as a couple weather you guys were drunk or not its not a dam excuse you guys did this in a public place infront of ppl i know as well you both made me look like a very angry at dave so i know its not all your fault hes def at fault as well..him saying sorry rite now to me is just words i dont believe a dam thing he says to me as well.frankly hes ruined our relationship and you too as well you both should of known better than be that stupid.i would of found out will never happen again got it good..!! i have every rite to be upset ive gone thru hell and back with him and not about to give up but at this point i got nothing to fight for if he continues to be this matter weather he was angry with me or not its not an excue understand?? so plz leave him alone for a long while til we are ok ok thank you…and keep your hands off of him cuz of this situation i cant even let him kiss thanx again im sorry if i ruined your day but i have every rite to be upset..good bye and you could tell him i sent you this cuz ill tell him myself


This didn’t ruin my day at all!  In fact it did just the opposite by spicing up a rather dull day and made me feel young again.  I was sitting on the toilet when I read it and pondering what the hell she was talking about.  I really have no clue what she’s talking about.  I don’t remember doing anything with Dave a few months ago.  I haven’t slept with him in well over a year!

I’m not going to respond because I don’t know what to say.  And her grammer and punctuation are so bad that if she can’t take the time to write me a proper letter, than I’m not going to take the time to write her back.

These are the type of moments when I feel like I might be a  sociopath because I just don’t care.  Now that I think about it, all the character’s of Seinfeld were sociopaths because they would never care about something like this.  Is it wrong of me to want to live my life this way?

Maybe I’m a misanthropic sociopath – that’s why I’m miserable all the time.

Seinfeld (season 4)

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16 responses to “My Ex-boyfriends Girlfriends Hate Letter To Me

  1. Holly

    This is a hysterical post! First of all, what is she talking about? Secondly, she can not spell or punctuate correctly! hysterical!

    • I hate when people abbreviate words in a letter. It’s not a text message! And I hate when people get weather and whether mixed up. Her name is Heather, so you’d think she’d know how to spell weather!

    • Tetewaki

      Oh BTW you not responding just basically tells them your immature and didn’t apologize at all. You basically just lost two good friends and for what? Durrrrrrr….I’m drunk! I’ve been drunk many a times but I always know it’s the alcohol and have never cheated. Shame on you.

  2. That is a quality letter! You should be deeply flattered. I’m lk laffing so hrd at hr speling n gramer u dont evin no.

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  4. Entitlement. Selfishness. Over-sensitivity. Laziness. Cowardice. Witness the human ego in all of its anti-glory. 🙂
    Peace & grace,

  5. And no, you’re not a sociopath. Our society has wrongly painted people who don’t care about such trivial, selfish and egotistical things as having something wrong with them. That’s a definition created by cowards. Anytime you’re above the hate and don’t let it affect or influence your own peace and joy, you’re not a sociopath; you’re a master. Of your own emotions and reactions. That’s something to be respected.

  6. lucia

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  8. Tetewaki

    Really u feel young again you slag….guess that’s why she doesn’t like u. If your feeling this young….you probably initiated the advances. And people who are pissed off tend to have sloppy typing. You feel young again…what gonna find another taken man and fuck his relationship up to? No remorse means no sympathy from anyone. Pull your head out of your goddamned ass and smell the roses. Sound like you get off of other people’s misery. I had a gf like you once. Relationship didn’t even last a week.

    • Oh man I completely forgot about this post. Honestly I didn’t know what she was talking about. The whole thing was silly because nothing happened between me and Dave. Dave and I are still really good friends, we’re thick as thieves we are. His new girlfriend loves me and I visit them all the time without incident. Life’s too short.

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