Me and my exploding head

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Something bizarre is happening to me.  The noises happened again last night when I was trying to sleep.  I woke up to a loud piercing buzz saw that sounded like it was coming from the room next to me.

I live downstairs from my parents – right  next to my dad’s workshop where he actually owns and operates a buzz saw that he uses periodically to wake me up in the “morning” (okay, noon).

At 4 this morning I woke up to this alleged saw and immediately started cursing my dad.  My eyes were still shut, I was in a hypnogogic state, but I knew where I was and what the sound was.  I was conscious and completely aware.  A few seconds later, I realized what time it was and knew my dad wouldn’t be building anything at 4 in the morning.

Me – “Shit, not again…..”

I knew it was my…..well, I don’t know what it is actually.  My extrasensory perception?  Maybe astral projection again?  It’s really strange because when I’m starting to astral project, I hear and feel vibrations – not sounds like this.  Not a buzz saw at 4 a.m.

I heard tv’s the last time I had one of these “episodes”.  It sounded like every television in Cheshire was turned on, cranked up and inside my bedroom with me – all of them tuned to different stations.  It was complete chaos, but I didn’t freak out about it.

So this morning after looking at my alarm clock, I laid my head back down and as soon as I closed my eyes (immediately after closing my eyes!) I heard the saw again.  I was fully awake and heard the saw.  I let it buzz for a while – maybe five seconds or so just to analyze the situation.  I wanted to really hear it, you know?  I let my ears listen to this illusionary saw and wondered how it’s possible for my ears to  actually hear it.  I mean, how can I physically hear it?

I could only listen to it for five seconds max until it started to change into something else entirely.  It was now a thumping sound banging on the wall next to me.  Very quick thumping – I could almost feel it.

I opened my eyes and let the sound dissipate before closing them again to hear the loud saw turn into a thumping again. I did this a few times.  Back and forth I wanted to see if it would keep happening, and sure enough, it did.

The only way for me to get any rest was to turn on my tv and fall asleep to infomercials.  I was asleep within two minutes.

I know how very weird all this sounds…..

I KNOW it’s weird because I can’t find any clear explanation anywhere on the internet.  I’m worried I have some kind of brain tumor.  I don’t know what else it can be and I’m the only one out there in the world-wide-web that has had this experience.

Okay,  no, I take that back.

I just googled “hearing noises at night” and it led me to Wikipedia’s Exploding Head Syndrome – EHS for short.

There’s no scientific reason for why it happens.  Some say it has to do with bipolar disorder and ADHD.  Maybe I’m bipolar?  Who know’s.

I don’t feel anxious.  My heart rate is normal and I’m not stressed out or overly excited about anything.  I feel fine.  Sometime’s I get sad, but I deal with it nicely enough just like everyone else in the world.  And I don’t take med’s for anything (not saying med’s are bad, I just don’t take them).

So why me?

One theory states that the sufferer is experiencing a panic attack.  I’ve had panic attacks before so I know first hand that that wasn’t it.  I was calm and inquisitive while listening to the loud racket in my head.  Most people would be freaking out, jumping out of their skin, but I’ve had so many weird things happen to me that I wasn’t the tinsiest bit scared.  I was curious and actually hoping it would be interesting enough to write about on my blog.

Wikipedia briefly mentioned EHS can occur before an astral projection.  85% of people who experienced EHS also experienced OBE.  Ahhh yes, my stupid ability to leave my body – man how I hate it!

Okay, so it has to do with astral projection after all.  I thought that was the culprit…..

The only time I ever liked it was when my grandmother paid me a visit.  That was nice.  And the time when I was surrounded by a blinding white light that felt like God’s presence was pretty cool too, but God damn it, why me?

What has me worried is that most of the people suffering from exploding head is over the age of 50.  Am I about to die?  Is that it?  That’s a troublesome thought, but not enough to get me into a frazzled freak-out.

I’m so freaking tired right now.  I can fall asleep in five seconds flat.  I didn’t take any sleeping pill or anything like that, but I did have a very restless sleep last night and the night before that I went to bed at 3 am after watching the last episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix.

Being this tired makes it easy for me to astral project.  The heaven’s aren’t done with me yet!

God damn it let me sleep!  As I shake my mighty fist to no one in particular.

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