Miserable Melanie

I’m sipping on my second free gingerbread latte thanks to those two falling bags of coffee landing on my head.  I’m wishing I sued instead.

Christmas is approaching.  Yule tide cheer and all that crap.  What the hell is a yule tide anyway?  Does anyone know?

I hate the holidays.  I would love them if my family still had great big get-together’s with my cousin’s, aunts and uncles, but that doesn’t happen anymore.  My house was once the hub of festivities and now it’s just cold and empty.  We didn’t even get a tree this year.  It’s depressing.

Holiday’s make me miserable.  I’m super depressed.  I’m a sensitive, sentimental sap without any family beyond my parents who want me over for Christmas.  It’s very hard to deal with being that I’m so sappy and all.  I can’t even spend Christmas with my parents because my crazy aunt and OCD cousin are still living upstairs.  I have to spend my Holiday alone in my room.  It doesn’t get any worse than that.

The first thing on my list of to do’s after winning the lotto and/or making a lot of cheddar would be to buy a mansion for the sole purpose of throwing huge holiday parties.  I’ll invite EVERYONE.  Especially people who have no place to go.  My house will be so big that they can stay with me starting from Thanksgiving all the way to New Years if they like.

I want to be the Great Gatsby of Holidays.  That’s my dream.

I had to stop at the gas station on my way to work today and add coolant to my old jalapy.  My car is going on 16 years, and sprang a few leaks.  Coolant and gas being two of them.

I decided to go into the station for a cup of joe and a quick pick.  Unfortunately, there was a guy holding up the register.  Not a guy holding up the clerk with a gun, no, I mean a guy buying scratch-off’s, lotto’s, powerball’s and whatever else he could bet his money on.  He rattled off one ticket after another.  It sounded like he was speaking a different language – all number’s and symbols I didn’t understand.  There had to be two cashiers just to keep up with him.  One guy to ring up the order, another one to grab the stuff.  It taken about 10 minutes of waiting in line until he was finished.  He spent a whopping $77 just on scratch off’s.

I got my coffee for free because of the wait.  So, I guess this is my second free cup of coffee today.


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6 responses to “Miserable Melanie

  1. Holly

    You can come over to my house..You know you’re always welcome. You will just be required to bring me a wonderful present! 🙂

  2. Here’s the greatest Christmas gift you’ll probably ever receive: go to your local book store. Pick up “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman. Read it, and be amazed at how much control and power you actually have over your own joy, mood, and attitude. A monumental change is possible in your life, and the hardest part of it is making that trip to the book store. No, don’t ask someone else to do it for you, much like everything else in life, you have to take responsibility for yourself. If you’re willing to do that small task, everything else will fall into place. If you can’t bring yourself to do even that, you have to ask yourself a very tough question that your ego will get you all riled up about: “If not this one little thing, then how much of an effort am I really willing to make to change my way of thinking?”

    Wishing you strength, inspiration, and grace,

    • Thank’s for that Miro! I’m going to see if I can buy it on Amazon tonight. I’m an avid amazon shopper. I needed a new book to read, so this would be a perfect book to get me through the holidays.

      • A word of warning though, there’s a lot of life-redefining concepts on every page. It’s not something you can or should read in one sitting. It took me two months to get through the whole thing, as I savored it and dwelled on the wisdom within for as long as I possibly could.
        Peace & grace,

        • I can’t wait until I get it! I wish I went to the bookstore to buy it there instead of online. The store I ordered it from says it will take at least two weeks. It was only $6 though.

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