Sentimental Melanie

"TUESDAY" production sign

Image by Vaguely Artistic via Flickr

I’m at Starbucks sipping on a free venti gingerbread latte.  Why is it free?  It’s my compensation for having two bags of coffee fall on my melon.

Yesterday was Tuesday and I made my regular barfly roundabouts.  My first stop was Happy Tuesday, where I was cheered at and sang to by the regular motley crew.  After visiting those guys, I drove to Billy O’s where I was greeted warmly by the entire bar.  People hugged me in earnest while my brother shoved his award winning chili in my hand that he brought for everyone to try.

I can NOT tell you enough how much I love being around people who love me.  I’m addicted to this feeling of warmth, this cradling, comforting security.  Everyone feels like a warm snug blanket.  Everyone feels like home.

I can be a sentimental sap – truly the most genuine sentimental sap there can be.  But it’s problematic.  I’m so addicted to this ethereal love all around that I’m obliquely sensitive to its absence.  Sometime’s I forget it’s there and go back to being my old miserable, misanthropic self and because of this, I shall always be a barfly.  Barfly is in my bones.

The purpose of this post is to wrap up this warm loving feeling into a gift for my future self.  I want to package it up, put a ribbon around it and never forget.  But I will forget it.  I always do.


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