November 21 2011

I had a vile of blood siphoned from my fragile vein so I can prove to a community college that I’m immune to chicken pox.  I haven’t even started my long six year academic adventure and already I put my blood into it.  It’s only a matter of time until they get my sweat and tears too.

I’m such a baby when it comes to blood.

Ughhhhhh…….ugh…….blood.  Blah, yeck!  It’s so dark!  It’s almost black.  My blood is black tar.

One of my clients was telling me about his skin removal operation and he had to be hooked up to a bunch of drains to collect his fluid.

Me – “What did the fluid look like?”

Him – “It was the color of blood.  I had to have it emptied every couple of hours.”

Glahhhhh, bleh.

I can barely cope with one vile missing from my supply and this poor guy was being drained by the hour.

He’s one of my favorite clients.  I gave him a business card.

He thought I was a saint, but maybe not so much anymore after reading my blog.

I’m sitting in Cheshire coffee with Kristina.  She’s doing work on her laptop and making “Hmmm hmmm” noises.

I don’t have much to write about except for the final count-down has commenced.  My number one goal in life is starting into fruition.  And that number one goal is to move out of my parents house – I like to keep my goal setting reasonably low.

I could have moved out a while ago, but never did because of the sheer terror of it.  Plus I love my parents, why would I want to leave people I love?

It’s a new chapter in my life.  I’ll no longer be that daydreaming girl with big hopes and dreams but always to stay home nestled close to her original womb and drinking the life nectar of beer, no.  I’ll be a woman with an apartment.  It will be completely different.

I believe I can live anywhere, but I’ll always have just one home.  Can this new place be a home?  Am I thinking too much about it?  I know I am, but I like to ruminate God damn it.

My soon-to-be-roommate reads my blog, so she know’s what she’s getting herself into.  I’m not moving out yet, though.  I still have a few months to go.  My roomy needs to find a good dependable job first.  That can’t be that hard, right?

I’m already thinking about what foods I’m going to buy.  Bags of rice, bags of grits, bags of potato’s, lentils (they are a complete protein), barley (I love barley) – all affordable healthy stuff, you know?

Anyway, I gotta go.  I’m hungry.

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