Stay away from the little blue pill

I taken one little blue Adderall pill just for the hell of it Monday night, and when I woke up on Tuesday I was completely miserable.  It’s a drug for ADHD – not a big deal.  No big deal at all, but for me it made me want to kill myself.  All my happiness was gone.  I felt as if nothing could ever fulfill me.  I  mean just imagine that – NOTHING, no matter what I do, would ever bring happiness into my life.

It’s crazy how one little blue pill could do that to me.  I feel fine today, happy even.  Well, not happy, but the prospect of being happy is there.

I’m not happy because I have to run across the plaza in five minutes to massage my first client.  I’m not happy because I need to find a primary physician to sign a piece of paper for me that I can take to a diagnostics lab to test my blood and prove I’m immune to chicken pox.

To sign up for a physician costs $125 (I checked two different walk-in clinics), and the cost of the blood test is $55 (the cheapest I could find).  Life sucks, but I know it’s only temporary.  Depression is when it’s not temporary.

Shit, I gotta go.

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