The Mean Reds and The zombie apocalypse

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I’ve got the mean reds.  Mean reds are when you’re scared and you don’t know why.

Holly Golightly said that in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I only drank a pint of water today, that could have something to do with it.  And last night I drank a bunch of beer, tossed down an adarol and couldn’t fall asleep until 5 am.  I’m off kilt.  Fuzzy.

Joel is moving in across the street from my house.  He’s going to be in walking distance.  I went to see his new place last night and met his roommates who all know and love my brother.  They are a bunch of cool, musically talented guys who like to play video games and light bonfires in their backyard.  It’s like a whole new world opened up to me – a new creative world that I can get inebriatedly lost in.  All I have to do is open my front door.

I’m happy, but scared at the same time.  My brain is an omlette.

I have a lot of dreams about being back in high school or attending the college I never went to.  I’m always lost and unprepared in these dreams.  Last night was the first time I had a college dream that wasn’t a nightmare.  I was in a college parade, then I was in class learning about the most interesting things imaginable.  I was ecstatic and wondered why I waited so long to get there.  Everyone was so happy.

A quote from Mad Men; “When I’m out of sorts I look at the calendar.  There’s usually something significant on the horizon.”

Perhaps my brain is rewiring itself for the future?  Instead of imbibing the lushs’ life, I’m getting ready for a more lasting, meaningful happiness?

Whatever it is, I’ve been hit hard with the stupid stick.  I feel dumb.

I’m watching Zombies: A Living History, on the history channel.  It’s scaring the hell out of me.  They interviewed scientists that firmly believe we have the technology to create a zombie plague.  They have people on the show who wrote serious books about the zombie apocalypse – giving us lifesaving tactics to overcome the zombie plague.

There is a real-life zombie squad!  A group of people gathering information on how to fight zombie’s.  This is crazy, really crazy.

I have to zombie out.  Lay in bed and mouth breathe for a while.


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5 responses to “The Mean Reds and The zombie apocalypse

  1. Steph

    That is disturbing on so many levels!

  2. Holly

    Steph – The Zombie show was on the History Channel; i told Mel that she should watch it. Mel – I want to hang out with Joel too!

  3. Isko

    I get the mean reds all the time. It usually means something bad is going to happen. Then again, maybe it’s just telling you of an impending zombie apocalypse >:D

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