Billy O and Joel

500 Days of Summer, 2009

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I’m sitting alone in my bedroom watching 500 days of Summer that came in the mail today from Netflix.  The girl in the movie, Summer, reminds me of me. 

Well, not exactly me, but what she does to men in the movie is a lot like what I do to them.  I don’t want a serious relationship, but I like having them around.  And if they’re available to sleep with, we fuck. 

I hate using the word “fuck” when talking about screwing, but it’s such an ear-catcher.

I’m pretty straight forward, I keep things simple.  My secluded “Melanie” time remains my time without anyone encroaching over into it.

 I don’t want or need anyone and I love my alone time.  I can’t give up my alone time.  And anyone I have ever dated eventually wore down my nerves, so why bother? 

I don’t think intimacy is in the stars for me.  Even according to numerology says that marriage would be difficult for me and I’m better suited as a lone wolf.  Can you believe those bastards?  Stupid numbers….

So anyway, I was friends with this guy, Joel.  I met him when I was 21, became good friends, then we became friends who screwed.  He wanted something more serious with me but I kept running away.  Finally, he wanted nothing to do with me and completely cut me off.  “Disowned me” is how I put it.  It’s been years since I seen him.  I never thought I’d see him again, actually.

Until last Tuesday when I ran into him at Billy O’s.  I started drinking at five o’clock with Dave.  I didn’t even want to go to Billy O’s, but Dave dragged me there because he was hungry. 

So there I was sitting at the bar around 8 o’clock with my cutie best boy-friend when I seen Joel.

It was like I was in some foreign country who just announced a new holiday celebrated with fireworks and booze and a dancing dragon.

“Joel?!  No way!”

We hugged and he started explaining where he was all these years.

He told me he just got out of a stifling relationship with a girl who kept him guarded under lock and key.  He was living with her in Milford and just moved back here a month ago to get away from her. 

I didn’t care about her – I almost didn’t care if he was hurt by the break-up – my brain was too noisy to hear his sadness.  All I cared about was, I got my buddy back.  I got my buddy back and that’s all that matters.  Dance dancing dragons and drink – was the image playing in my head.

He didn’t seem sad or depressed anyway, he was just the opposite.  The same ol’ happy Joel I always knew.

In the meantime, poor Dave sat alone at the bar.  I felt so bad.  I love Dave!  I had trouble talking to both of them at the same time.  Joel has this way about him.  His presence is so big and empowering and enveloped me – I was in his world now.  He stole me away.  He was in my world of dancing dragons and I was in his world of piano’s and pretty tree’s.

Dave left to go home to see if he could patch things up with his girlfriend.  Joel and I stayed at the bar till they kicked us out. 

I should finish watching the movie before it gets too late.  I have work tomorrow and then off to see Joel again!

Perhaps this movie can teach me something?


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2 responses to “Billy O and Joel

  1. Steph

    Yea don’t think it will teach u anything 🙂 I love Zooey D. But that movie was Bad! Lol plus I’m not a huge fan of the guy. I’m glad u got your buddy back 🙂

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