The renaissance faire

I went to my very first renaissance faire today and absolutely LOVED it! Nearly everyone dressed in medieval garb and mummering old English.

We’ve been approached on all sides by street performers who wanted to make conversation. One after another they beckoned us – we became entranced and engulfed by lively people in our faces.

Some guy dressed as Houdini – “Why hello there fine maidens. Would you like to pet my rat?”

He shoved his rat into Oriana’s face who didn’t blink an eye.

“Sure I’ll pet your rat.”

One guy stopped us and written us a citation because we didn’t stop at a “stop” sign.

“Do you not see the sign? Do you not read? It plainly says stop. How do you not know of the word stop?”

If you appeared for your hearing, as punishment they would try to dunk your entire body in a big tub of water.

You can stand in one place the entire day and still be entertained by watching the performers harangue people.

I gave into the whole festive atmosphere and donned myself with some imp horns and had a lady paint my face.

It was great. I was surrounded by nerds, geeks, dweebs and those people who like to wear big baggy black pants with metal chains on their belts. They look like punks, but not quite. I’m not sure what class of nerd they fall into. I’ll call them the rebel nerds. The nerds who want to disown their forsaken nerdom.

I came across an old gypsy woman telling fortunes. I taken a seat across from her and asked for a tarot reading. It’s hard to bullshit a tarot reading because all the pychic does basically is tell you what each card symbolizes. It’s better than have them spew out some ludicrous jibber-jabber about your future – pulling it out of thin air. In tarot they pull it from cards, not thin air. It’s a little more scientific.

The cards she used were 14 years old. All oiled and juicy from being groped by sweaty hands over the years.

I cut the deck three times using my non-dominant hand, then she restacked them and drew the first card. Guess what it was? It was the friggin devil card! I pulled satan out of a random deck of 78 tarot cards that I shuffled myself. What are the chances? Okay, one in 78.

It means that I’m governed by addictions and my unwavering need to be loved and accepted – to make sure I’m loved and accepted. Which is very true. I like to go into my own little world of self-developement and growth and then flee it as soon as I run out of my “Love” fix. I run out of my “Love” fix about 3 times a week. Sometimes 3 times a day on a bad day.

This card is meant to show me that I have addictions that need addressing. And to find enlightenment in knowing that Love and Acceptance are at my core being. I don’t need to go anywhere to find something that I already have.

The psychic told me that my addictions are slowly killing me. Crazy stuff.

I love beer. Will ALWAYS love beer. And I love going out to make sure that I’m still loved and accepted by people. I never knew this wasn’t normal. I can see how it’s an addiction though. When I go through withdrawal, I’m miserable. I’m miserable without Love and Beer.

She pulled and read about 20 cards for me. She laid them out in a pattern on the table.

She said that the next few years are going to be hard and I’m going to be faced with many choices. I’m going to get sidetracked and confused, but must follow my heart and my ultimate goal.

“You like to spread yourself out too thin, doing too many things. Then you get sidetracked and forget your goal.”

She just explained my last 31 years in two sentences.

“It’s very important for you to focus on one thing at a time. Focus on your ultimate goal. Follow your heart.”

She looked at me and smiled. I wondered if she knew that my ultimate goal was to cure cancer? It seemed like she knew.

The cards also told me that I’m going to travel for the sole purpose of seeing the world. The card she pulled after that was a card that showed someone else governing my life and my choices (my mother). She said I shouldn’t let this person interfere with my decisions.

The last card tied everything together so perfectly that I thought she pulled it straight from a “clincher” pile. But there was no clincher pile – only the same random oily deck that I shuffled myself. I can’t remember what the card was.

It’s late, I should sleep.





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6 responses to “The renaissance faire

  1. Glad that you enjoyed your time at the faire. It is a good time, and I’m glad that you had one.
    Just for the record, whether its cards, palm, or intuitive (just pulling it out of the air), all good readings come from the intuition in the reader,as opposed to the tools. In cards, which card comes to the top of the deck is influenced by the energy of the reader and your energy when you shuffle.An experienced reader does more than tell you what the card means- he or she picks up on nuances surrounding the combination of you and that card

    No jibber jabber required

    Good fortune to you


    • She did pick up that I wasnt married with children.
      She said “follow your dreams now while you’re not married and no children. You have time”

      • I know the reader in question, and she picks up a lot more than what’s strictly in the cards. The cards are just one method of getting in touch with your energy and her own intiuition

        Thought you might find that of interest


        • Wow, you know the reader? What a small world! She’s been doing readings for 17 years I think she said. She’s been all over the country doing readings. She’s a super cool lady and totally pegged me.
          I told her I write a blog and she smiled when I said I was going to post her picture on it.

  2. Sure do.

    I’ve been doing readings for over 40 years, and you meet a lot of people that way 🙂


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