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I have the first hour off from work, so here I am sitting in my comfy armchair in Starbucks waiting out the minutes with my blog and soy latte.

I haven’t studied for the college entrance exam in weeks. The last thing I learned was how to divide a polynomial by another polynomial. It’s implanted in my head so well that I can figure out these problems like I’m adding 2 plus 2. My reasoning is that if I can do that, I can do anything – so why go crazy with studying?

I came across something very interesting today – just a cool little thought – a far out scientific fact that I can’t help but love.

The five most abundant elements found in the universe listed from greatest to least are hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. The five most abundant elements found in the human body listed from greatest to least are hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. And the percentages are nearly the same! Isn’t that wild?

This is chemistry and I love stuff like this.

I feel like once I start classes, I’m always going to have my nose in a chemistry book. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll hate it. But I don’t know unless I try.

I don’t feel like massaging anyone today but I DO feel like peering inside a microscope and watching slimy bacteria reproduce and multiply. Who wouldn’t?

I watched a YouTube video today. It had Neil deGrasse Tyson, the host of Nova, telling about his theory of intelligence.

Our closest relative is the chimpanzee with a one percent deviation in their genetic code compared to ours. Scientists put this into an equation and theorised that we shared a relative with the chimps five million years ago. Then we evolved and became one percent smarter than the chimps.

All the art, science, inventions, poetry that we produce and revere all stem from that one percent difference between us and the chimps.

Tyson’s idea is that what if there is a greater intelligence out there who has one percent over on us? Our hubble telescope would be their toddlers lego toy? That one percent seems like a lot to us, but in reality it’s not that big of a difference. A chimp learning sign language is only slightly less intelligent than us building a rocket ship.

It’s a cool thought.

Is there a cap to our human intelligence level? Using the strength of our physical brains, relying solely on formula and scientific data – is there a limit to that until we reach a deeper understanding? Maybe there’s something more ethereal – something outside ourselves that we can intuit and feel. And our ability to Intuit would be the new phase in describing intelligence.

I have to pee really bad.

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