Wednesday night

During my cleaning spree, I unknowingly placed 3 or 4 big hardcover Harry Potter books in the romance/relationship area of my bagua.  Those of you who don’t know what a baqua is, it has to do with feng shui and that every area of your room and/or house corresponds with an area of your life.  For instance, if you place a tv in your romance/relationship section, you will always be distracted in your relationships – always ‘tuning out’, or flipping channels sort of speak.

Lately I’ve been into Harry Potter – big time.  Since I moved the books there, I bought all the Dvd’s on Amazon and now I’m watching them one after another consecutively.  I know I should move the books, but I’m completely content with watching the movie’s and loving them as much as I do.  I sort of want to keep the books there.

According to feng shui, the books are ultimately going to interfere with my love life, which is crazy because it already has in a way.

I was telling my friend, Christian, about going to see the last Harry Potter movie (Deathly Hollow’s part 2), and he told me he tried reading the first Harry Potter book but didn’t find it interesting because the writing was so bad.

“It was like I was reading something meant for a 10 year old, and then I was like, ‘oh yeah, it is for a 10 year old’!

Me – “I like the story.  They’re so easy to read.  Easy books to read are the hardest to write.”

And sadly that almost came between us.  It’s crazy to think it, but the bagua is real.  Bagua never lies.

I’ll move the books once I’m done watching the seventh movie.

It’s 2:32 am.  I just got home from the Half Door in Hartford.  I went there with a co-worker, but ended up talking with her friend, John, the whole night.

He’s a very interesting chap.  He was a machine gunnist, infantry man in Afghanistan with some major life and death stories.  It makes my little Harry Potter bagua debacle look like, well….stupid, to put it nicely.

He know’s my cousin whom I’ve never met.  He met him on duty in Afghanistan and was one of his closest friends there.   He told me that me and my cousin are so much alike that he can’t stop being reminded of him every time he looks at me.

My grandfather has a twin brother whom I’ve met for the first and last time two years ago.  My long lost cousin probably came from him.

My family is weird at keeping track of each other.  We sorta just go our separate ways.

I’m working on a new work of art masterpiece.

You can’t see it now, but it’s going to be a kung fu guy trying to stave off love using an umbrella.  The love is represented by a bunch of hearts.  I drew an outline of the kung fu guy, then painted him over with masking fluid so I can drench the paper in watercolor without getting any color on kung fu guy.  Then I’m going to peel off the masking fluid and finish drawing the kung fu guy in black and white – much like what I did for the homeless man drawing.  The loveless kung fu guy will be colorless, but being bombarded with colors in every direction.

It represent’s that sooner or later, love is gonna get ya.

Cheesy?  Maybe.  Okay, yes.  Very.

Anyway, I think it will look cool.  I started drawing him last night out of sheer boredom.  I didn’t feel like watching tv, too tired to read a book.  Drawing was my best alternative.

I should sleep.  It’s wicked late.


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4 responses to “Wednesday night

  1. I think Hp series isnt really written for kids, but for all ages. And like you say, easy reading books are not really easy to write.

  2. Kali

    I LOVE your art. It kinda looks cool as is haha

    And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the HP books.

    • Thanks Kali, I miss you! We have to hang out soon. All I’ve been doing this summer is bumming around and going to bars. I need to spice things up a bit.

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