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A tachyon is a theoretical, highly unstable particle that has no mass and can move faster than the speed of light.  It doesn’t fit well with general relativity, but goes along perfect with quantum mechanic’s.

I love theories like this!  I mean just think about all the supernatural stuff that can finally be explained by science.

Everything is made up of energy.  Our thought’s have a physical energetic presence.  What if we create tachyon’s with our mind’s?  When we say a prayer for someone, or get a feeling like something bad has happened, or is about to happen, are we giving and receiving tachyon’s?

Tachyon’s override the time (and space) demension, making them eternal.  They carry with them imprints of our past, present and future.

I mean come on, is it just me or is this stuff cool?

I have other interest’s that go far beyond the scope of quantum theories.  For instance, my love of funny vacation photo’s.

This couple pulled off along the highway for their scenic photo.

I laughed so hard when I first seen this pic.  He looks so cool with his leg up.

I found these photo’s on http://www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com/  I highly suggest you check it out.

I also like to go on http://www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com

They call these cats little kitler’s.

And, in my free time I managed to draw this:

Charcoal and marker drawing

I did it with charcoal and prismacolor marker’s.  After I drew the homeless guy in charcoal, I went over him entirely with a light shade of grey – I bought a bunch of different shades of grey and used them for shadowing.  If I didn’t go over him in grey marker, I would be able to smudge the charcoal easily with my finger, but the marker binds it to the paper like glue, making it all congeal and stick nicely.  I never learned about this technique, I just happened to stumble upon it.  It’s a nice little trick.

I’m at home laying in bed.  I can’t write about my day, it will take too long.  It alway’s takes me a long time to write down my daily shenanigans’.  Maybe tomorrow if I have time.

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