Sorry for the short posts :(

I have about a zillion stories stored up in my head screaming to get out, but all I want to do is draw. Even my horoscope this week told me (very specifically I might add) to tell my tales of adventure and intrigue to release the constipation in my head.

Alas, tonight I must draw.

I already spent too much time online tonight searching for a good colon cleanser. After 90 days my colon will be so clean that if you dropped food into it, you can eat it and then digest it all over again. That’s their mission statement on the box!

No, no it’s not.

But anyway, just because my head feels backed up, doesn’t mean my bowels have to be.

In Karen Kingston’s book, Clear your clutter with feng shui, she mentions that Dr. Christopher’s herbal formula’s are the best. But the website she listed in the book is wrong – I was almost duped into buying the wrong cleanse. Then I looked for the correct store on her feng shui website and it directed me to the right colon cleanser. I trust this lady, Karen. She know’s her stuff and I highly recommend her book.

Here’s a quick look at my current project:


It’s a homeless guy. I’m drawing his thought’s in prismacolor marker to make them really vivid and colorful and full of hope. It’s not even close to being done.

What else is new? I bought a solar-powered japanese Maneki Neko. It’s the beckoning cat that you see at most asian / middle eastern restaurants and shops. It brings in good luck. The type of luck depends on which paw is waving at you, however, the myth is so old and there are so many contradicting interpretations, that I gave up trying to find the “right” one.

The box it came in is funny, so I took a picture of it.


They ended the sentence with and.  The hand can sway forward and.  I bought it from Ebay, ten bucks.

I need to draw and finish watching Kyle XY on Netflix, then sleep.  I’ll try to write more tomorrow if I can.

Oh and here’s the link to Dr. Christopher’s colon cleanse in case you want to take good and healthy three shits a day –

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