Today I realized my destiny

Bumper sticker

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I was traveling behind a car yesterday that had a bumper sticker that read:  eARTh

It implied that you can’t spell earth without art.  All I could think about was my car having a bumper sticker that read:  fART

In the book, The Gift, Lewis Hyde writes about primitive cultures giving gifts to each other, from one tribe to the next, as a way of pacifying and establishing relationships.  According to Hyde, that’s what artist’s do.  Artist’s basically create commonality’s and use familiar symbolism in a way for other’s to forge a connection with the art. People sense a connection with the art, the artist and other people who also see the similarities.  Without the commonalities, war would break out.

What I’m trying to say is this;  Apparently it’s my job to save the world. 

First I’ll take a nap.  I’m so sleepy today.




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2 responses to “Today I realized my destiny

  1. I’ll help you save the world to!

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