Alone in rhode island

I’m writing to you on my little keyboard in Rhode Island because we don’t have internet here.

I’m only on my third or fourth beer, I’m doing good. Not getting out of control yet.
I’m all alone here. I’m sitting on the porch over looking the water. It just so happens to be facing west, which makes for spectacular sunsets.
I’m listening to Cat Power radio on pandora .
I wish you can listen to what I’m listening to. It fits this scene perfect.
I seen my very first lightening bug of the summer. When I was a kid I tried collecting them in a jar, but times have changed. You’d be lucky to see two.
Times certainly have changed because when my mother was a kid, she and her friends would collect them and then rip them apart for their bioluminescence. They would smear the neon glow on their faces and play cowboys and indians or some shit. She’s old, thats how kids played back then – killin stuff. And they say video games breed violence…..
Tonight I watched the movie Hancock, as I do everytime I come here. Next on my list is Harry Potter and the prisoner of Askaban. And im going to learn the ancient art of watercolor.

I’m on my fourth or fifth beer. Cripes, I got to pee.
For those of you who don’t know about this cottage I’m at, well, it belongs to my Dad and his two remaining brothers.
One of those uncle’s is always down here mainly to booze it up. Last time I was here, he was here acting like a guy in his twenties, begging me to go to the bar with him.
My drunk uncle has three kids who are all around my age, all with kids and loud barking dogs. And they all love going to the cottage. There is no restraint to who and when any of my family members will show up. They can very well show up right now.
I wish there were stars out. I love catching a buzz and watching the stars float across the sky like connect the dancing dots.
Huh, the theme song for House is playing on pandora. I never knew it was an actual song. It says it’s by Massive attack and the song is called Tear drop. Tear drop on fire.

I had a horrible day in work yesterday. I can’t write about it now, it’s too fresh. I need to wait four weeks. Four weeks is when I’ll find out if I contracted herpes from one of my clients. I never saw pimple’s like those before, and I touched them. Half-way through the massage I realized what they may be.
I’m a girl who never had a cold sore or a cavity in her mouth and here I am rubbing stinking herpe’s. Cripes.
Yesterday was such a bad day. I have a little bit of hyperchondria on top of it, so it kicked in big time.
I purelled my hands and arms so much that my skin felt tight and dry.
When I got home, I watched the show, Hoarders, on Netflix. My hyperchondria was so bad that I started cleaning.
It turns out that I’m the opposite of a hoarder in that I throw all my shit away. I’m 31 years old and I hardly have any shit. How the hell did I get 18,000 in debt when I have no shit?
Ohhh, I like this song. Pixies, where is my mind.
I stopped at Walmart on my way here and picked up a bunch of Lean Cuisines.
Tomorrow I’ll eat all five lean cuisines and then go on an adventure ride on my brothers scooter.

He bought a brand new scooter and he doesn’t mind me riding it. I have my motorcycles license which I got on a whim – that would be a whole other post.
Oh, another great song. Billy Holaday’s rendition of Night and Day.
Ahhhhh… sit back, drink beer and listen to some old-ass song while gazing at the ocean – it’s actually a huge pond connected to the ocean, but the breakway is pretty far off so i don’t hear any loud waves crashing – perfect, I tell you.
Gadzooks I gotta pee again. My Grandpa’s spirit is still alive in this cottage. His spirit must be infiltrating my body making me have to pee all the time lilke an old man.

You know what I really want to do? I want to finish reading The Road Less traveled. I got a lot out of those first hundred pages. I re-read my post that I wrote on it and it blew my mind. I forgot I wrote all that.

It’s only 11 pm, I won’t let this be my high point of the night. I’m going to head inside and start my little watercoloring kit that I got from the book store across the street from my job. It was pouring out so I thought it would be good to wait out the downpour in Barnes and Noble before I got on the highway. Fifty dollars later, it was still downpouring. The cashier told me I was cute. She kept asking me questions, and i kept thinking good and hard for the answers, which she thought was cute, Which makes me reinforce my theory that cute and stupid go hand in hand.

I’m on my sixth or seventh beer. I lost count a while ago.

I might have a lean cuisine now. They look so delicous sitting in the freezer.

Tomorrow I’ll take some pic’s of the cottage for you to see. It’s nothing big, but it’s spectacular. My gramps made it with his own two hands – and with the hands of his four sons. Who makes houses nowadays? Me and my brother would’nt be able to make a bird house with our two brains put together.

Okay, I have to let this out. I hate, HATE, house sitting for my brorther and his dogs. He never asks me, his girlfriend asks me, and I have trouble saying no to her. How can I get out of house sitting without hurting anyones feelings?
To house sit once in a while is fine, but they have me doing it every month! I hate it, no, I loath it. When I got back to the house yesterday, there was a big shit with some pee left on the floor. I was going to leave it for my brother, but didn’t.
It was the icing to a very bad day. It was a bad day, but I still made $125 in tips from six clients, which is great because I want to buy the Imac pro. My laptop is about to kick it. I can feel it.
Its 1118 pm. I’m going to go in and watch harry potter, maybe watercolor, I don’t know. My hands are cold. It’s chilly here.



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