I’m a girl who loves to do sound effects. Once I get a particular sound effect in my head, I have trouble getting it out. Usually I whistle. I whistle when I least expect it. I whistle when I give a massage, grocery shop, order a soy latte.

Today, my sound effect is “whaa-tssshh!!” It’s the crack of a whip. I’ve been using this sound effect today on my clients.

The room would be quiet, the lights turned low, my client about to fall asleep from luxurious relaxation, and then here comes my “Whaa-tsshh!!” As I whip the sheet off their back.

“Whaa-tssh!!” As I uncover their leg with deadly, stealth precision.

“Whaa-tsshh!!” As I pump lotion into my hand from the bottle swinging on my holster. I pretend I’m a gunslinger from the old west.

“Okay Jeffrey, ready to turn over onto your back?” Jeffrey languidly goes to turn.


I have to go back to work. Guhhhh……

Four more desperado’s to slather with lotion and whip.

“Whaa-tsshh!!” I fold my laptop and stuff it in my bag.

“Whaa-tsshh!!” I wipe myself.

“Whaa-tsshh!!” I flush the toilet.

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