Saturday post

I just gave a two hour massage to a very butch lesbian and had the best conversation with her.  I told her about my secret website/art project and she told me it was an excellent idea, then I told her about the RV road trip I want to go on and she told me I’d have to be crazy to travel alone to South america.

Me – “I’ll just drive straight through all the bad area’s without stopping.”

Her – “What if someone tries to stop you?”

Me – “I’ll run them over.”

She sounded jealous when I told her my first stop was going to be Alaska.  She asked if she can go with me.

Anyway, it was an awesome two hour conversation.

I saw on my schedule for next week that my cute, shy cop client booked a two hour massage with me.  That I’m sure will be another fabulous conversation.  I haven’t seen him in forever.

I love my clients.  But they are finding it harder and harder to get an appointment with me.

I’m at Starbucks on a surprise break I didn’t think I would get.

I stayed up so late last night thinking about my RV road trip and my website idea, I just want to sit in this comfy chair and stare out into space.  Staring out into cyber space is not the same as space space.  I’m super tired.  My eyes are closing.  I can feel the warm sun shining on my back.

I went to a memorial day picnic/birthday/house-warming party for my buddy Dan and ran into someone I went to High School with.  He’s an adorable guy with the cutest face and sweetest voice.  He brought his banjo to the picnic and sang me a song, then he did handless backflips and talked about his safari in Africa and how he likes anthropology.

I always had a crush on him in High School, too.  It’s so random he was there at Dan’s picnic.  He gave me his number and wants to hang out.

It’s a shame I don’t have time for a boyfriend.  I barely have time for my ex-boyfriend who is also sweet as pie.

Cute cute cute.


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2 responses to “Saturday post

  1. Steph

    Who is that? I don’t recognize him

  2. Holly

    It is Christian…he works with Kristinas boyfriend. I glanced over and said, “Is that Christian?” I was shocked. I loved the Banjo 🙂

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