I’m in a crappy mood.  I’m house sitting for my brothers dogs again.  They like to bark, whine and step on my feet when I blow dry my hair.

I’m at Starbucks because I have no clients booked for the first hour.  I looked ahead at my next client’s file and saw that I massaged him before.  He moan’s and likes to have his legs stretched while keeping off his undies.  I wrote in my notes to make sure the diaper drape is good and tight so his junk doesn’t fall out, well, I didn’t write “junk”, that would be unprofessional.  I don’t like people who moan, men or women, and I don’t like stretching people – they can stretch themselves!  How lazy are they?

I shouldn’t have stayed up till 3 am watching an old martial arts movie from the 60’s.  I’m tired.

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Filed under journal, rant

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