I have a dream

And that dream is to paint or draw something so awesome that it’s worthy of http://www.deviantart.com/. Deviant art is a website where artist’s display their work. And usually their work is pretty damn awesome. I haven’t decided if my Lady Gaga sketch is good enough. I’m going to work on an Eminem sketch tonight since I’m sick of painting. Painting is a lot harder than it looks.


I was painting while watching Game of Thrones. Painting’s not done yet, but it’s a lost cause.

This is completely off subject, but isn’t it redundant to state that you’re carrying non-flammable gas? Especially when you’re carrying the flammable kind?


I was driving behind this truck a couple day’s ago and it confused me, so I drove up to his bumper to snap a pic. I was swerving of course, because of my camera and all (it’s hard looking through an iPhone while driving) – but I snapped a great shot right before smashing into him and having my car explode into both flammable and non-flammable parts.  Lucky for me, my body is flame retarded.

It’s okay! I’m okay, lol, you people worry too much.  I didn’t actually hit him.  If I did, it would have been the fault of his stupid flammable/non-flammable bumper warnings….How can you have them side by side? How?

Next time I talk to a trucker, or anyone with their CDL, I’m going to ask them what’s up with this.

My days are filled with the heavy burden of such heavy thinking. They are also filled with me slathering lotion up and down people’s naked bodies.

Don’t hate me because my life is beautiful – chock full of lust, intrigue, adventure and mind-bending philosophy.

Hate me because I’m beautiful. I don’t mind being hated for that.


This blog was lacking a new picture of me, so here it is!

Ask and you shall receive.  Not that anyone asked….but, still.

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