What up patty wacker’s?

It’s spooky how accurate Netflix is at picking out movies and shows they know I’d like. They told me I would like Better Off Ted, and so I started watching it today.  I’m already on episode 8.  Is it possible to find a husband that know’s me as well as Netflix? Should I just marry Netflix?

Is Netflix God?

Netflix should do personality profiles for us based on what movie’s we like and dislike. Then pair us up with a match, like in a dating service. I would like to be paired up with someone who like’s watching Nova as much as I do – I’m serious about that. If my mate doesn’t like Nova, the relationship is Ova. Lol….eh hem, anyway.

Who am I kidding, I don’t want to pair up with anyone anyway. I’m an artist. Artist’s are loner’s, rebel’s. We are also awesomely cool, super swell people.

I’m working on my third masterpiece while watching Better Off Ted. No doubt an excellent way to spend a Friday night.


Sorry Steph, but this painting isn’t good enough to hang on your wall. But no worries, Ima start a new one for ya!

I want people to be able to look at my paintings and say, “Holy shit!”  This, however, is not Holy Shit material.  It’s just plain ol’ shit.  Holy Shit is the goal.  If I try to paint DaVinci’s Last Supper with the skill level I’m at, the painting would not meet Holy Shit criteria.  It would just be a holy piece of shit.


Distractions lower my energy level and as of late, I’ve been getting distracted at work. It’s all because of my new obsession with painting. I keep thinking about it and it’s making the rest of my life miserable.

It’s like the day before Christmas, or the day before vacation starts – you feel scattered, excited, not paying attention to anything. This is how I normally am at work, only now it’s amplified.

I forgot how to put effort into my job. Nothing worth doing should be done without effort. Otherwise people would never learn anything new – people start contracting instead of expanding. And as for me, when I don’t put effort into whatever it is I’m doing, I die of boredom.

I get jolts of excitement when I try to make everything perfect – including me. The amount of effort you put into something is in equal parts with the rewards that follow. You can quote me on that one, that’s a good one.

I forged a saying out of the depression era of my life and came up with “The hard thing to do is often the right thing to do.” Paying attention to clients, although hard, is the right thing to do. I ask them if there are any area’s they want me to focus on, and I don’t listen to their reply.

I hear something outside. Something noisy coming from the sky. Could it be a missile? Is the end of the world coming a day early? Nope, just a plane.

Anyway, I just thought I’d pop in and say, What up my fellow gangsta’s? My blog is going to take a back burner for a while, sorry to disappoint you, my one lonesome reader who’s probably from an unknown galaxy far far away. Once I get past the first initial stage of my new addiction, I’ll be back to blogging everyday.

Here’s a joke to cheer you up some:

A dog walked into a bank one day and he had a little ceramic frog in his pocket. He walked up to the teller and noticed that her name was Patty Wack. So he’s like hello Miss Patty I would like to take out a loan. Miss Patty replied “What do you have for collateral” The dog pulled out the little ceramic frog he had in his pocket. Miss Patty was like “well im not so sure if we can do this.. so let me go talk to my loan officer” Patty walked up to the loan officer and she said.. “this dog wants to take out a loan but i dont know if i can let him” The loan officer asked what he had for collateral.. Patty said it was a little ceramic frog.. the loan officer replied “its a knick knack patty wack give the dog a loan”


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2 responses to “What up patty wacker’s?

  1. Steph

    Damn!!! I really liked that painting!

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