Doomsday on Saturday? Lol…

Steph just text me a few minutes ago telling me that the world will end on Saturday.

Steph:  Judgement day is coming on Saturday.

Me:  What?

Steph:  You know…The end of the world.

Me:  Lol okay.

This sparked my curiosity mainly because I get a good chuckle out of these things, and so I googled “Is judgement day Saturday?”

I found this video:

I hope it’s not true.  I want to see who wins American Idol.


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7 responses to “Doomsday on Saturday? Lol…

  1. Holly

    I love it….shall we celebrate when the earth doesnt explode Saturday night or next week?? here’s another link about the original guy that he follows:

  2. We have a billboard near our house. On the bright side, it’s been the source of many one-liners/other humor as the kids and I drive along our merry way.

    • I wish there was a billboard around here to laugh at.
      I’m happy it doesn’t scare your kids. That’s the one thing that really upsets me, is hearing how scared kids are. If adults are scared and quitting their jobs over it, they’re just stupid.

      • For all intents and purposes my kids have grown up in and around the Roman Catholic Church… and their rather odd, obnoxious mother. So, they just riff on it and laugh til’ they cry…2012 is another seemingly endless source of hilarity. The parish priest was laughing about it today, too. Said some random lady (not Catholic, either) called wanting her dogs blessed ASAP so they could go with her when the rapture hit. LOL

        Trying to picture that phone call: “Yeah, um, Hi, I know this is kind of last minute, but could you have someone come by and rapture proof my dogs and I? What do you mean that’s not really your thing? Can you come by anyway? K thanks, bye.”

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