The rest of my Savannah trip told mostly in photo’s

I just ate an entire bag of edamame while laying in bed watching Netflix. That’s better than potato chips or ice cream, right?

I’m wearing my favorite green sweatshirt. I found it for $3 at a good will store two years ago and felt that it had good karmic energy. That same day, I picked up a homeless man and brought him back to his shelter to promote more good karma. It didn’t work, however. I ended up getting lost for three hours in the rough and tumble streets of Wallingford Connecticut after dropping the guy off at his shelter. You know how the saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished” or something like that.

Anyway, I wanted to finish telling you about Savannah, but the day’s are all clouded together. I’m fully dependant on the picture’s I taken to spark my memory. I left off with the photograph of me and Steph in bed together. This is the next pic in my camera roll;

Holly likes to mimic statue’s. I like to mimic stupid people giving the thumbs up.

Us four wild and crazy girls get our picture taken with a random, friendly stranger (far left). It was very dangerous.

We taken a ride on a ferry which was also dangerous because they didn’t provide any life jacket’s.

We ate at a fancy restaurant and learned about Steph’s strong dislike for onions.

Steph say’s she looks evil in this pic.

Then, according to the order of my pictures, this is when we had to keep waiting for the bus to come get us.

I got bored and started listening to Pandora radio on my iPhone, dancing like a loon and taking picture’s of myself in the street.

We hop on a bus, visit a park, and then wait to hop on another bus to pick us up. I tried to entertain myself with palm tree’s.

I need to start wearing protective gear when I go places.

I don’t recall what else we did that day. Maybe the haunted pub crawl? Yes! We went on the haunted pub crawl that day and to spice things up a bit, I wanted to get high for it.

The premise for this tour was to walk from haunted bar to haunted bar, drinking beer and listening to ghost stories. At each bar, I vowed to take at least one hit off my joint. I don’t normally smoke pot – never, actually. I’m not accustomed to it’s effects on me. I became completely stoned. I was the only one smoking.

We were at one of the pubs listening to our tour guide telling us a scary story when Stephanie secretly and stealthily taps my opposite shoulder wanting me to believe there was a ghost behind me. I knew that if I looked at her, her face would look frozen and transfixed to the tour guide, pretending like she didn’t do anything. Just the thought of the look on her face brought on the giggles. I giggled for three minutes before having the courage to look over at her and when I did, sure enough it was the face I pictured her having; a straight poker face, intensely focused on the speaker. And that’s when I exploded with laughter. I felt horrible and embarrassed, but I couldn’t help it. The poor guy was trying to tell a story of people getting beaten to death, and there I was laughing like a buffoon because someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Steph – “What? What is it?” She whispered.

I laughed even harder.

Mind over matter, I finally regained composure after what seemed like a brutal half hour of uncontrollable giggles. Don’t forget that I was drowning in beer too, during all this.

I don’t condone pot.

After the pub crawl, we get pizza at this awesome outdoor pizza place. I take a bunch of picture’s of Holly because I thought I was a professional photographer at the time. I love telling people how to pose for me – even when I’m not stoned.

The next day we wake up for yet another fabulously fantastic day of bountiful beauty in the historic richness of Savannah.

Holly is REALLY nosey.

See what I mean?

This is where Forest Gump sat on a bench. The bench was just a prop.

I’m so happy I got to see a crazy old coot shouting out protest’s and holding up a sign that was written in gibberish.

We went on a food tour and ate chocolate, BBQ pork, shrimp and grits, bread pudding, and for me, well, I had a big, overflowing cup of cream corn at Lady and Son’s. Lady and Son’s is the most popular tourist restaurant in Savannah because it’s owned by Paula Deen. Paula Deen is apparently a huge deal down there. I still don’t exactly know who she is. I keep calling her Norma Deen.

Me – “Excuse me, but do you put gravy on grit’s?”

We were allowed to fill a cup with only one item off the buffet (because this was part of the tour).

Lady attending buffet – “Well now I don’t personally do that, but those aren’t grits. That’s creamed corn.”

I looked down and seen my cup was totally filled to the brim with creamed corn.

Me – “Ohhh, ok. Cool, thanks.”

After the tour, we chill outside near the water drinking booze.

I like to give powerful and dramatic poses for the camera.

Holly got a little something on her pants.

But she didn’t care. She seemed proud of her wet butt.

We went inside a bar that was advertising happy hour drink prices. A pretty bartender served us and made Holly a special drink just for her called the Holly Berry.

It’s just as well because the whole trip has been about Holly anyway. Holly this, Holly that – It’s always about Holly!!

(Btw Holly, I think it was key lime, absolute vanilla, lime juice, pineapple juice and simple syrup.)

We go back to Paula Deen’s restaurant, Lady and Son’s, for dinner. I got high again before reaching the restaurant. Whenever I get high, it seems like everyone else is high with me. When people talk, I notice that their words don’t match with how they’re feeling, or that what they are saying has nothing to do with the present subject. They sound silly and don’t make much sense to me even though I’m the one stoned, not them. So I sat there during dinner, tried not to talk much and just listened to my friends conversing with each other. I sat there trying to make sense of things. When I get stoned, I REALLY get stoned.

We go back to our hotel after another long, but glorious day and I eat some cricket’s.

I thought it would be a funny blog post if I taken picture’s of me eating them.

Is it funny? I don’t know. I think I grossed out my friends, but I don’t care. I’m like the coolest person I know because of the stuff I do.

Okay, I’m done. I have to sleep.


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6 responses to “The rest of my Savannah trip told mostly in photo’s

  1. Love it!!! I had so much fun!!!

  2. Holly

    Loved this post! Hysterical…The wet stuff on my pants – Steph spilled her beer. And I think the Holly Berry drink is not your recipe in the blog. That sounds like Steph’s Key Lime Pie Martini. I do however hope the Holly Berry bcomes famous and makes it across America!!!

    • Yes it was the recipe for Steph’s drink. I found it in my phone and thought it was for your drink. We should try to remake the Holly Berry after our two week detox from no alcohol.

  3. Kali

    Paula Deen is a famous chef on Food Network! Everything she makes is full of butter and cream cheese.

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