A little more about my trip to Savannah

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I’m going to try again to write about Savannah even though it’s midnight and normal people are getting ready for bed.

After the 23 hour car ride, we arrived at our hotel to check in.

My feet smelled like some dreadful creature crawed out of a Tim Burton movie, made a nest out of stink weed and then died in my sneaker.  They’re cloth running sneaker’s that gotten wet and been on my feet for 23 hours.  By the end of the car ride, the smell started to seep out of my sneaker’s and into the car while it’s windows rolled up.  I didn’t know what the smell was and blamed in on something outside, but it was me.  I’m almost positive it was me.

We were staying at the Inn on Ellis square in the heart of Savannah, walking distance from everything we could possible need.  The outside was cute, the inside, fancy and clean.  We walk inside our room and was a little disappointed to see two double beds.  A double bed aint that big.

Okay, I’m just going to say it and I’m sorry for saying it, but I have gotten not one good nights sleep the entire time I was in Savannah.  I woke up at 5 or 6 in the morning on the first night, sleeping on my back with my head resting against Stephanie’s who was snoring so loudly that my pillow shook.  The walls of our room billowed like a cartoon.

At that point, I haven’t slept for over 24 hours and was a little, to put it politely, miffed.  Not at Steph, she couldn’t help it, but just that the trip so far was so disastrous that it was enough to piss off the Pope.  And there I was lying awake in bed not being able to sleep it off.  Sleep is my cure for everything.  And I couldn’t even do it.

I’m normally a hard person to wake up.  People have trouble physically shaking me awake (they tried and failed).  Steph and I partook in countless sleepover’s when we were kids.  I slept through her snores before, but our heads were never leaning up against each other.  And each night, coming back to the hotel from an exciting day of gallivanting around town, I would think to myself, “I’m so freaking tired I’m probably going to sleep through it tonight,”  but each night I would wake up either by her snoring, or by being nudged – it was bad.  Not as bad as prison or boot camp, but it still sucked.

And she was the only one with ear plugs!  Industrial strength earplugs that her husband got her from his job.

So anyway, we wake up in the morning, I don’t know what time it was, we shower, eat the continental breakfast downstairs in the lobby and speak with the concierge about a tour.

Holly booked us a tour on a tour bus and needed to find out the details of where it was picking us up.

I thought it would’ve been easier to not book anything online and to do everything there in Savannah.  I was worried that the online booking thing was a scam.  I still think it was a scam because the online booking people never gave us our tickets!

While Holly was figuring out the ticket fiasco, Steph, Tara and I were outside the hotel being approached by the continental breakfast chef.  He was wearing three heavy jacket’s in 80 degree weather.  He was super nice.  A little slow, but nice to offer his services to us.

Chef – “You liked the biscuits and gravy?  I make it fresh each day.  I can give you the recipe.”

Me – “Oh, no that’s okay.  I wouldn’t be able to remember it.”

Chef – “Well, I can come over your house and make it for you.”  He say’s with a big southern grin.  He was sweet.

Holly comes stomping out of the hotel looking  pissed.  I take a picture of her but I’m not allowed to post it on my blog.  She cheers up quickly enough when a white bus picks us up to drive us to another bus to pick us up.

It was our tour bus at last.

I taken a lot of pictures with my coolpix, but I’m not about to post them all here.  Making a picture college on WordPress sucks the life out of me – it’s so frustrating!  You’re just going to have to view them on Flickr if you want to see them that badly.

The day was beautiful, we were in an old historic town (the biggest historic district in the US), and we were healthy and happy – what more can you ask for?  I was beginning to perk up even though I was going on 48 hours of no sleep.  All I need to survive in this world is one drop of dew and the energy of the universe.  I taken that from Kung Fu Panda, but it undoubtedly applies to me as well.

We get off the tour bus near a harbor that had a bunch of shops, bar’s, and restaurants along the water.


And we ate at a seafood restaurant that served the best tasting grouper I ever had in my life.

That’s Holly and her sister, Tara.  I told Holly to smile bigger, and I snapped another photo.

She looks the same.  Smiling a little less, actually.

Then I told Steph to take a picture of my hands because I never seen them look so pretty.

I forgot what else we did that day.  I only remember from the picture’s I taken.  The next picture was taken with me and Steph in bed.

We were all exhausted and not looking our best, but for some reason, I looked great.  So I taken more of me.

 Okay, I’ll continue discussing our trip.  You are here to read about my trip, not ogle picture’s of me.  But here’s one more.

I think I’m going to watch a movie, actually.  I started this post last night and wanted to finish it today after work, but I’m feeling lazy.

I’ll write more (hopefully the rest) of the trip tomorrow.  Or maybe later on tonight after my movie.

Peace out Y’all.


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8 responses to “A little more about my trip to Savannah

  1. Holly

    Your feet smelled sooooo bad! It was the worst feet smell I had ever smelled…I like your description of it. That is spot on! I hope you threw out your sneakers and are still not wearing them to work. lol

    • I febreezed them today so they stop stinking up everywhere I go

      • Holly

        Maybe you should really consider buying a new pair…and ear plugs because I am pretty sure we will go on more vacations and I know all of us snore sometimes (yes, you sometimes snore and talk in your sleep!). Where are we going next?? You get to make the plans 🙂

        • I talk in my sleep? What do I say?? I didn’t know I do that. I want to go to France. When I snore, it’s little petite snores that is very calming to hear.

  2. Oh and I did hear you snoring miss Mel! And the reason I nudged you was because your elbows were digging into my ribs 🙂

  3. Holly

    Sometimes you mumble or make noises…not clear words.
    I keep on picturing you massaging people in your smelly sneakers and smelly pant cuffs (because you stepped in your gas puddle) and cant help laughing. We’ll go shopping and find a pair of good, new but cheap sneakers.

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