Chocolate Kung Fu

Watch that clip and tell me you don’t want to see that movie.  If you don’t want to see it, then I don’t understand you, nor will I ever understand you.  Sorry.

Have you watched it yet?  Well, watch it!

I love martial arts movies.  Love love LOVE them.  And that trailer I posted is for a movie that I just watched tonight on netflix.  The movie is as awesome as the trailer made it out to be.  So many people got hurt during filming.  It looked real because it was real.  The girl who starred in it looked no older than 14 and she was getting her ass handed to her on a Kung Fu pu pu platter.

Some other good martial arts movies are:

The seven samurai

Ong-Bak – all three movie’s are super.

Ip Man

Anything containing Bruce Lee or his son, Brandon

The Kill Bill movie’s

I feel that I am very deadly once provoked.  I studied so many Kung Fu movie’s that you can throw me into a cage match in the ultimate fighting arena and I would totally be beaten into bloody unconsciousness.  But outside the arena, watch out!

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