My Easter

Easter is about family.  And, since Easter’s about family, I’m going to share a little snippet of my family, fun-filled day with you.

My family has fantastic discussions about bowel movements during every holiday get-together.  Dont believe me?  Just check out this hidden footage that my 12-year-old niece shot tonight.

The conversation usually leads to shit.  It can also lead to illness, injuries, or inquiries on disgusting ailments and how to contract disgusting ailments.

Alexis, my niece, had a jolly rancher lollipop in her mouth that she was sharing with Clyde, the new boxer puppy.  My Mom’s face looked horrified.

Mom – “You’re going to get worms!  Stop that!”

Tonight’s topic:  Worm’s, and my brother’s adolescent bout with them after spending a night in a dog kennel.

Because of my brother, my family is well versed in worm knowledge.

Mom – “They crawl out of your butt – your RECTUM,…..”

Me – “Your ANUS.”

Mom – “…..and whip around.  They’re called whip worms cause they whip around everywhere.  Puppies have them.”

Alexis stopped sharing her lollipop and let the dog lick her mouth instead.

Worms and bowels were hot topic’s tonight.  Is this what Jesus and his disciples discussed during the Last Supper?  Did Jesus take a bite out of his chicken leg while listening to his mother talk about her shit in comparison with Dr. Oz’s shit?  And why is it that every time I watch Dr. Oz, he’s talking about shit?

My brother would kick my ass if he knew I posted this picture of him.

I let Alexis play with my phone while my Dad drove us to Fran and Melissa’s.

Oddly enough, this was before the whole worm discussion.

I’ll try to write about Savannah tomorrow.  It was a lot of fun!

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