I’m getting too old for this

I’m exhausted.  I got home yesterday at around one in the morning after sitting in Tara’s car for 16 hours.  I slept for a bit and then woke up in the morning to go to work.

After my grueling day of work, I went to a cowboy bar in Southington for my friend’s thirty-first birthday.  All I had for dinner was a slim jim, but thankfully the bar provided unlimited amounts of popcorn of which I packed into my mouth in fistful’s until I couldn’t talk without kernels spitting out everywhere.  I’m not very tactful.

I’m so tired…..

I got home late from the bar, fell asleep around two or three in the morning.  I woke up early the next day to meet Holly, Kristina and Stephanie for breakfast – oh wait, that happened today.  Breakfast with the girls happened today.  I went straight to work after staining my teeth with blueberry crepe’s.

When I arrived at work, I taken a gander at myself in the rearview mirror and noticed a smudge of blueberry on my cheek, dark circle’s under my eyes and my hair was all messed up from wearing my hoodie (it was raining out), but that’s okay because it’s always messed up.

There I am at work.

And now here I am.  Home, still in my uniform, sitting in front of my laptop computer and blinking my sleepiness away.  No, it’s not working.  My sleepiness is just getting worse.  I’m going to lay down and watch a movie.

I’ll post some pic’s from Savannah tomorrow.


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