I can’t spell my best friends name

I stopped by Holly’s house after my Happy Tuesday shenanigans to drop off money that I owed her and her sister.  Nobody was home when I got there.  I ran upstairs to use the bathroom and then sauntered back down to sloppily fill out two blank checks to leave on their kitchen table for them to see.

Unfortunately, I spelled their last name wrong.  I’ve known Holly since the seventh grade and now we’re 31, how many years is that?  A lot, that’s how many.  And I still don’t know how to spell her name.  I spelled it wrong twice.  I spelled it differently on both checks, and both checks were wrong.

In my defense, her name has about 17 consonants, one or two vowel’s and there are two Z’s in her name!  Anyone who spells their last name with two Z’s, should expect confusion.  Z’s aren’t even real letters, they’re completely made up.  We can spell zebra with an X and it will still make sense.  Xebra.  Xero.  Xoo.

But still I feel horrible.  I honestly thought I was spelling it right both times.  I wasn’t even thinking about it.

And now, your moment of xen.

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