Lost video game = terrifying nightmares

Three things I love to do:

One – Sleep as late as I want.

Two – Lounging.

Three – Going to the mall to buy a new video game and stopping by the food court for an order of Chinese food to go with my new video game and then going home to pig out on said Chinese and play my new game.

The only problem with number three is that I did it today, but the new game I bought is too scary to play.  Yes, too scary even for me and my courageous loin heart.

I bought a video game based on the tv show, Lost.  It was only $10 and had all my favorite characters starring in it – it even had Sawyer making crude comments.  Alas, it’s too horrifying.

In the beginning scene, they had me lost in the jungle – dead bodies hanging from tree’s, weird whisper’s and ghostly people standing in random places.  How could this game be rated T when an M (me) can’t even play it?

I’m stuck on the third or fourth scene where I’m in a very dark cave (I needed to trade with Micheal for some torches or I would be screwed with just my lighter).  In this cave, there are whispers and the spooky noise of the black fog monster – my heart was actually racing.  Since when have I turned into such a wimp?  How could bats darting out at me in a game cause me to jump and say “What the Shit”?

It’s almost midnight and I’m wide awake.  Sleeping as late as I want was also accomplished today.

Subject change, real quick I want to jot this down so I commit it to memory.

I’m a bloated person.  This has always confused me because I hardly drink any water during the day – not because I hate water, I really like water, just that I’m lazy and don’t feel like refilling my glass all the time.

And all the beer I consume can also be to blame.

I read an article today that informed me dehydration causes people to bloat!  Yes!  Aha moment.  It’s because your body tries to conserve the little amount of water that you give it.  It makes perfect sense.  And the people who commented on the article wrote about their personal horror stories of not getting enough of water, and let me tell you, they were pretty horrifying.  Not as horrifying as Libia or Japan, but more horrifying than the Lost video game.

For me to lose all the bloat, I have to drink 8, 8 ounces of water daily.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you learned something.


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2 responses to “Lost video game = terrifying nightmares

  1. marcialoyd

    I like your blog. You are hilarious. 😀 I have subscribed. I will be glad to add you to a blog roll. Just as soon as I figure out how to do it. lol. I am new to this.

    • Yay I love getting comments like yours! Thank you me lady, I will also check out your blog. Don’t read any of my early stuff, it’s all crap. Anything earlier than two days ago.

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