87 miles of skin

I just want to take a moment and figure out how many miles of skin that I massaged so far.

I been at my job for about 16 months.  Let’s say I massaged 6 people a day, 4 days a week, totaling 96 client’s a month. 96 times 16 is 1,536 people.  If 1,536 people received a one hour massage, I can break it down to massaging one square inch of skin every second.

That mean’s I massage 60 inches per minute.

3,600 inches in one hour.

21,600 in a day.

86,400 in a week

345,600 in a month

5,529,600 in 16 month’s

There are 63,360 in a mile, so that means I massaged  87 miles of skin.

That’s enough skin to circle the world five times!  Or travel to the sun and back 12 times!  Okay, those statements may not be true, but I would definitely be able to drive to my job three time’s (not counting return trips) in 87 miles.  That’s pretty impressive, right?

All this sounded more impressive in my head.  Before I did any calculations.

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