I can’t stop rhyming!

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It’s night-time here in the house of Mel

The lights turned low and I silenced my cell

I’m chillin’ here in my brothers old sweatpants

Feeling crazy, sexy, cool just like John Cougar Mellencamps

I’m as awesome as he is, yep, uh huh – it’s true

I’m on the celeb’s A list – I’m part of their top crew.

What, you don’t believe me?  Well then listen to this;

Here’s a little ode I wrote – a melodic little riff:

I’m going to grab life by the balls

Live large like Biggie Smalls

I’m going to buy a sailboat and see the world

Bag myself a Lamborghini and take it for a whirl

I’m going to learn classical piano

My husband will look like Marlon Brando

I’ll do this all starting tomorrow

I’m too tired now, sleep I can’t borrow

For now I’ll have my tea, sleepytime to be exact

It dulls my senses until they’re no longer intact

My tea was brewed with love and care

Tenderly made inside a delicate prayer

It sits expectant on my desk

The mug is waiting, very statuesque

I also sit – time passes on

I’m laughing to the funny show, Parks and Recreation

Seriously, it’s funny – quite possibly one of my fave’s

I love how goofy everyone behaves.

Okay, done for now – I’m too cool to go on

My life is artistically awesome like the movie, Black Swan

If I don’t stop, I’ll erupt

with a gelatinous flow of words to disrupt, interrupt and congeal to the pulse of an aching mind that won’t heal.  Words form the basis of most thinking minds.  Expand your vocab, you uncover the blinds.  More tools to choose from – to hack away uncertainty, new ways to feel things, express things – to rule sovereignty.

So yeah, words are important in a big way

More important than racquetball, rap songs, crochet.

I must end here, my energy is on E

I’m going to watch one more episode of Parks and Recreation

And finish my tea


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