Quick Ode before bed

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My Nana was a yodeler.  I am an odeler.  The apple falls not far from the tree.

Yodeling and odeling are similar in sound, used to convey melody.

I’m home from work, back tired, not broke – and I stare at this screen in revelry.

Finding words to fill the page

Ways to escape the cramped, crowded cage

You hold the VIP ticket to my head


My mind is free to wander and ponder

If I look closely enough,

there may be a thought over yonder. 

Nope, no thought.  My brain couldn’t be blonder.

Any thought or idea, I did squander.

Even still –

I sing rhymes that are sublime and write far-out haiku’s.

Your ears may tingle from the jaunty jingle of words that smoothly ooze through.

I sit and smile

Sip my sleepytime tea

My soul is soaring like a wild banshee

I’m ready for dreamland

My head is calling for its pillow

Nothing rhymes with pillow.



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3 responses to “Quick Ode before bed

  1. Good morning :). Btw I love that pic!

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