Ode before work

My Iphone alarm strikes 10, I’m up and out of bed again. Starting a new day, but massaging the same clients, in the same way.

I listen for the sound. The sound of water from the upstairs tap. My OCD cousin is a mentally disturbed chap. He uses all the hot water so my shower becomes an ice-cold death trap.

Golden silence ensue’s. Upstairs is oddly quiet. I’m off to my bathroom without starting a riot.

My parents are away, gambling in the city. Leaving me with my home life, shitty. Stuck here alone with a strange grown man and his mother. They don’t speak to me ever, they know I’d shutter.

My shower goes splendid, first obstacle won. But now comes breakfast, I need to get my egg on.

This involves going upstairs, the haven of mishap. All things to avoid – my upstairs, it’s a steel trap.

My crazy aunt everyday, vacuum’s the rugs, hardwood floors. She is ordered to do so, it’s one of her chores. She vacuum’s for hours. Our house isn’t big. When I hear her vacuum a bedroom, that’s my chance to start my breakfast gig.

She’s away for the moment with her loud, obnoxious machine. I’m upstairs cooking eggs – they always come out pristine.

I cut up some melon, brew my Bija tea. Cut a slice of bread and I’m almost home free.

No wait, here she come’s. Down the hall, bulldozing crumbs.

“Cook egg’s come on. You can do it, you’re almost done!”

Crazy aunt takes forever to vacuum 9 feet. She see’s me in the kitchen, she ignore’s me – no greet.

I slide my egg’s on the plate, run down the stairs in a fast gait. Now I’m in front of my laptop at last. Obstacle’s today won, I’m flyin’ first class.

I learned in Korea that side-dishes rule. I’m eating pickled cabbage – it’s a purple hue.

My Bija tea works great. It’s a deep cleanse tea – my bowels evacuate. Life is good at this time of 12:33, the day is as pretty as a palm tree.

I don’t want to work, I’m not gonna lie. Moment’s drip dry, nothing untie’s. I want to hop on a plane and fly to Dubai.

I should put my pant’s on. One leg at a time. Then my shirt, socks, shoe’s – It’s no big news.

Until next time my friends, until we meet again. Have a good day, I hope you find Zen.

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