Ode to Iphone

I’m in love!

He came in the mail on Monday morning encased in a slick, sturdy box.

I couldn’t wait to open him, I was itchin’ like chicken pox.

I uncovered the lid

I peered inside

With one look at my new toy, I sighed.

I held him up in one swift move

This new item in my life is truly behooved.

I turned him about like discovering a new lovers form.

My hands once cold, now filled with warm.

I peeled off his plastic membrane,

the coverings that protect his shimmer,

I set my eyes upon him to simmer.

In turn they start to glimmer

of hope and possibilities

At my fingertips, an endless supply of utilities.

This is the new era, the new age

Technology is the backbone,

My phone, it’s ribcage

In six months I’m sure it will be considered an old generation Iphone, but for now, he’s all new and all mine.

Oh and you know what else?  I can buy a fold up bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with him.

I can blog on the beach!  I can blog wherever the hell I want.

Okay, I just went on Amazon and bought a used keyboard for a hundred bucks.  The new one’s are $200.  This will come in handy on my trip to Savannah.  I can even get Netflix on my Iphone!  This phone will ultimately replace my big clunky Hp laptop.

I’m excited, but still cranky.  I still have to massage a bunch of people before I get to go home today.  I’m at Starbucks.

I don’t know what else to write.  I have to go back to work anyways.


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3 responses to “Ode to Iphone

  1. Holly

    Love your Iphone! I love taking pictures on it too 🙂

  2. I love it Mel!!!!! I love iPhone!!!

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