Hang-over Sunday

I worked early in the morning yesterday massaging 6 people, then went out to dinner at chilli’s with Oriana and her son.

I had absolutely no intension of going out after.  Especially not to a clubby club in New Haven – I was beat.  But there I was sitting snuggly on the couch playing Little Big Planet with Oriana and her son, when she asked me to join her and her friends for a night out dancing.  I love dancing and can never turn it down.

She gives me a suitable tank top and high-heeled boots, and then we go meet her friends who live down the street from her.  Her friends are all gorgeous, married women.  They were spiking vitamin water to take with them for the ride to the club.  They give me a full bottle that tasted like it was half vodka.

Last night felt like a whole new experience.  The places I normally go have cheap beer and you can dress however you want.  This place was the opposite.  And it was an older person club – I could count on one hand how many youngin’s were there.

The girls said it was their girls night out.  Not long after we enter the club, they start dirty dancing with each other and forming an audience of ogling men circling them.  At one point I felt little hands heavily groping my boobs and crotch from behind me – I turn around and there’s Oriana’s pretty little friend laughing and dancing.

My friends don’t do that.  This is why it was completely new to me.

They said that I have to go to their next girls night out.

Anyway, I’m hungover today.  I was so obliterated last night, Oriana wouldn’t let me drive home.  I crashed on her couch, but woke up in her bed.  I have no recollection of how that happened, but my jacket was still on me.

Now it’s 10 am and I’m home.  I’m supposed to go hiking in a few hours, then meet up with some other friends for our monthly sushi dinner.  I should get a few more hours of sleep probably.


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3 responses to “Hang-over Sunday

  1. Holly

    LOL. Thats funny.

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