I’m officially sick.  I woke up again today at 4:30 am and thought I was on a subway.  I dreamt it was the most comfortable subway I ever been on.  I tried to fall back to sleep, but kept tossing and turning and dreaming I was traveling somewhere.

I’m delirious with fever.  Yesterday was no picnic either.  I had to massage six clients when feeling the most exhausted I ever have in my life. 

It’s 8:27 am, I’m coughing and blowing my nose.  I made myself some orzo and spinach soup, and now I’m watching Moulin rouge but I can’t seem to pay attention to it.


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3 responses to “:(

  1. Holly

    you should not be working while your sick! you have a very physical job and it will only make you feel worse…take the day off. call me when you get out of work if you feel like talking

  2. Steph

    Feel better soon Mel!!!! I’m sure it’s just from the traveling on the planes and the jet lag.

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