Korea: Day one

I’m at starbucks sipping on a free triple venti soy latte (buy 15 drinks get one free).  I’m a little unsteady, a little shaky, but here I am.  It’s strange to think that only two days ago I was in Korea and now I’m back here as if nothing ever happened.

I had the most wonderful, awesome time ever!  Nothing surpasses it as of yet.  I officially have the travel bug (lucky for me I never actually got infected with a real life travel bug).  I wasn’t among the 10-20% of travelers to get travelers diarrhea in Korea – thank goodness because we taken a few long bus rides.

I packed light.  All I taken with me was a carry-on suitcase and an LL Bean book bag.

I watched movies on the plane while looking at the fabulous view.

I drank a weird tea beverage in the Tokyo airport.

But was disappointed when I saw it was made by Coca-cola.

We got to Sarah’s apartment late and went to sleep.

The next day we ventured out to a fish market.  The streets were packed with people pushing into each other.  There were venders taking up every free space available, selling every kind of weird ‘fish’ found in the ocean.

These are weird sea creatures that people munch on.  Guess what people call them.

I’m thinking about opening up a Flickr account and posting all my pic’s there.  Posting them on wordpress is time-consuming and a pain in the ass. 

I’m gonna do that now.  I’m too lazy to type now anyway.

Okay, I just uploaded a few pic’s on Flickr.  Here’s the address, but I’m not sure if it’s the right one or not.  I have to go to work – boo.

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