I’m here in Korea, Yarooh!

I’m safe and sound here in cozy South Korea.  There’s a 14 hour time difference between here and home.  It’s 6:46 pm here, so home would be…..uhh, 4:46 am?  I’m really bad at math so I’m not sure if that’s correct. 

Anyway, we are chillin’ in Sarah’s apartment high up in the sky away from traffic and construction noise.  Kristina is upstairs in the loft reading her book and Sarah is next to me ironing her favorite shirt for tonight.  We might go to a jazz club, but we’re not sure yet.

The food is interesting here.  People are interesting.

I’m on Sarah’s computer because  I can’t seem to hook mine up the internet, which means I can’t post pic’s until I get back home.  It’s only day three of my trip, but I already taken about a hundred photo’s. 

I just taken a good healthy swig of some beer called Cafri.  It’s like a Korean Corona. 

I’m tired and need to eat.

Kristina and I tried our luck on the subway earlier today while Sarah was in work.  We ended up inside the worlds largest department store called Shinsegae.  It made the Guinness book of world records, so it must be the largest.  They only allow the best of the best name brands inside the store – Prada, Coach, Louie Vooton.  There were maybe 10 very large floors of these ridiculously priced name brands.  I bought a kiwi blast at baskin robbins and we ate at au bon pain – I was happy to eat a regular sandwich after all the weird Korean food I consumed.

I should get ready to leave.


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2 responses to “I’m here in Korea, Yarooh!

  1. Steph

    Ahhhh!!!!’ I’m glad you guys made it!!!!! So what kind of food? Call me when you get home!!!

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