Rock Star ass

T minus two days I leave for South Korea. 

I’m at Cheshire Coffee drinking a latte and feeling like a rock star.  That’s going to be my new thing, feeling like a rock star.

I think I lost some weight these past few months.  I don’t eat while I’m at work.  I don’t eat anything from 1pm to 10 at night four days out of the week and it’s starting to show.  I slipped on my skinny jeans and threw on a cute top and scoped myself out in the mirror.  Yeah, I’m hot.  Well, maybe not hot, but skinny at least.

While I was downstairs checking out my ass, my mother was upstairs yelling at Crazy Aunt about using her credit card and charging it up to the max.

My aunt has no job.  All she does all day is run around waiting on Robert.  When Robert wants to take a 17 hour shower, he has to go to a hotel.  My aunt has been charging hotel visits on my mom’s visa and also charging for a rental car.

My mom is pissed, really pissed.  She’s been asking for her card back for three weeks and my aunt ignores her.  She say’s “okay,” like she’s going to give it to her, but she never does.

I just spilled my coffee on the floor, but I caught the cup thanks to my cat-like reflexes, so I have plenty left to drink.

I promised Dave I would go to happy tuesday with him.  He’s on his way now, I guess I should go.

Here’s a quick re-cap of what I’ve been up to:

On Friday I worked until 9pm, came home and watched the last two episodes of True Blood that we got in the mail (season two).  I went to bed really late, maybe around three am.  Then woke up at 6:30 am to massage six people, came home and crashed for an hour.  Holly called and woke me up.

Holly – Wake up we’re going to Murphy’s.

Me – But I’m soooooo tired.

Holly – I knew you were going to do this!

She sounded very upset.

Me – Do what?

Holly – Flake out.

Me – ……..ugh

Holly – Get ready, we’ll pick you up.

Me – Okay

I went to Murphy and Scarlette’s with Holly, Kristina, Tara and Dave.  I was double fisting most of the night, got extremely drunk and made out with Dave (whom has a girlfriend) for like an hour and a half on the dance floor – I barely recall this, but I know it happened, and I’m pretty sure he instigated it.

I went home after the bar closed, ate a hamburger and watched the first episode of Drop dead diva (on netflix of course) and fell asleep.  I woke the next day at 10 am to go to work to massage for four hours of brutal manual muscle therapy.  One of which was a two hour massage to a guy I massaged before and have a crush on.  He reminds me of a chubby Clark Kent, and I think he was acting cute with me in a coy, flirty way.

I went home after work and slept. 

For my birthday yesterday, I went out to eat with Holly, Kristina and Dan to Namaste, an indian restaurant.  Indian is my new favorite food – sorry sushi.

Boo this post sucks, but I gotta jet.

Soon I will write something very profound.  More profound than my skills at making instant coffee.  More profound than making out like a teenager at a bar with a guy who’s seeing someone else.  I will be profound if it’s the last thing I do damn it!

I gotta pee.


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2 responses to “Rock Star ass

  1. Holly

    I was a little upset at first at you saying you were too tired. I had just talked to Lisa and she couldnt come, Kristina didnt answer her phone and was still in Boston…I had envisioned us not doing anything 😦 Anyways, I had tons of fun dancing! Glad we all went out. Indian was great!!

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