Super cool

I have a habit of sticking my hands in my pockets and leaning on things like James Dean, only I’m not as cool.  Unless cool is when you stay home on a Friday night and watch old episodes of Star Trek on netflix, than yeah, I’m cool. 

I strike a pose when I lean on things.  I’m super cool, can’t help it.

I’m pretty sure Johnny Appleseed was the first hippie.  He had money, but he still tramped around the U.S in a burlap sack planting tree’s.  The apple tree’s weren’t even edible that he planted – people used the sour apple’s to make hard cider which caused the townspeople to be drunk all the time.  They had to cut down all the tree’s that Johnny the tramp sold to them.  What did Johnny do with all his money?  Crack cocaine!  That’s what he did.  Damn hippie.

A random guy at starbucks just asked me to watch his stuff while he goes to the bathroom.  I have an honest face is what people say.

Today is a day of randomness. 

People are getting weak.  Let me explain what I mean by using an old famous bible euphemism;

“Strong timbers don’t grow with ease.  The stronger the wind, the stronger the tree’s.”

We live in a world that’s too damn cushiony.  Our DNA adapts and evolves to the changes in the world.  Nowadays, we make the world adapt to us.

Don’t like the sun?  Wear sunglasses.  Don’t like being sick?  Get some antibiotics.

The next evolutionary leap is going to come out of the rubble of some third world country.  They’re breeding X men right now.  A country full of Wolverines and Rogues while the rest of the world are blind and bedridden.

You ever hear of the super bug?  Super bugs are formed when our immune systems become outdated to the rest of the environment.  Super bugs are immune to our feable antibiotics.

I have to give two more massages.  Am I cranky?  Maybe, I don’t know.  I want to be an X men.  A female Wolverine.

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