It’s a grand ol’ flag

If you haven’t noticed already, I have a feejit widget installed on my sidebar that shows me where all my visits are coming from.  An added bonus to this is that it shows the country’s flag and not just an ambiguous name of an obscure place. 

I’m a big fan of symbolism.  It’s nice to be able, with little effort involved, look at a symbol and be reminded of what it stands for – what you stand for.  And some flags, unfortunately, fail to hit the mark.

Take Saudi Arabia for instance.  I seen their flag today on my feejit widget and clicked on it for a closer look. 

It looks plain with extraterrestrial writing scribbled over a sword.

They could have at least made the sword a little more spectacular looking other than that of a wingding font symbol.

“Okaaaay……”  I had to probe deeper into this mystifying cryptogram of a flag.

Here’s what I found out:

The script is written in Thuluth, which is an Islamic form of calligraphy.

There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

When I first read this, I thought it meant that there is no God, just some guy named Allah and his buddy Muhammad.

The sword represents justice.  Why does it have to be a sword?  Why not a gun? 

I can’t seem to mesh these two obviously important symbols together.  What if China’s flag was, “There is no God, only Buddha.”  And displayed a throwing star beneath those words?

What if taco bell had it’s own flag and wrote on it, “The one and eternal God that is and ever shall be, eats taco’s”  And displayed a homemade potato launcher for their image?

What if the tv show, Walker, Texas Ranger, had it’s own flag?  It would say, “There is only Chuck Norris, everywhere and within.”  And show Chuck’s angry clenched fist for their symbol.

I understand that the sword is double-edged and can swing both ways, but to me it donates more negative connotations than that of good.  Confucius did away with knives at the dinner table because to him they meant unnecessary acts of aggression, thus sprang the birth of chopsticks 🙂

 Zorro should never replace Judge Judy, and Judge Judy should never wield a sword.

Pairing an overbearing religion with their form of justice on a flag, sends me an unwelcoming, threatening message that I’m either for or against them.

Let us move on to another flag, shall we?

Egypt is a good one.

Now this one is a little better, non-threatening, yet strong colors and with the gold eagle of Saladin (their countries emblem) in the center.  The strong, hidden symbolism lies in the colors.  They picked black to illustrate their struggles with oppression, red for their bloody fight in freeing themselves from oppression, and white to symbolize a bright future.  What about the here and now?  What do they represent for today?

Citizens of Egypt wake up everyday, look at their flag, respect their flag and be reminded of the fight against oppression.  They are always going to fight against oppression for a bright future that will never come.  And according to the flag, the next step is going to be bloody.

Let’s see what other flags I can break apart.

South Korea

I actually really like this one.  It depicts the five elements with a yin yang ( Taegeuk) in the center.  The white background symbolizes cleanliness with the people.  This sends out a good, welcoming message.  Very welcoming and bright, however there is just one thing……The light and the dark sides of the yin yang don’t ever merge, but stay separate in a balanced continuum of infinity.  Perhaps North Korea will always be the polar opposite of South Korea in order to keep the balance?

North Korea’s flag originally had the yin yang symbol too, but changed it in 1948 to a communist flag.

It doesn’t matter what the stripes or colors mean, the communist star ruins it all.

Sorry Japan, but it looks like target practice.

Okay, I’m done with flags for today…..or am I?

I have an hour to kill, I’m going to mess around with adobe illustrator to make a flag for my country Melonia.

It represents Kegel exercises.  The purple and gold mean royalty.

I hope I don’t get in too much trouble for posting this stuff.

I wish I had time to rip apart Canada’s maple leaf…..


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12 responses to “It’s a grand ol’ flag

  1. Steph

    I love how the flag you made represents Kegel exercises lol by the way Brian got a huge kick out of you porn post!

  2. Holly

    OMG MEL! this post is nothing like I envisioned it when you were tell me last night. I love the Flag of Melonia!

    • Well, I was a little scared to post it. Flags are a big deal to a lot of people. I’m relieved I didn’t get any hate mail yet, but I’m prepared to get them and post them on my blog.

  3. “Why does it have to be a sword? Why not a gun? ”

    Well, nothing says “tradition” quite as loudly as a flag romanticizing your ancestors willingness to eviscerate the enemy.

    I read the kids history for a bedtime story. This occasionally involves flags, but more often than not, fielding questions like: “Why did those people put other people’s heads on pikes, and what are pikes, anyway?” or, my personal favorite, “Why does history sound like a more violent version of a Terry Pratchett novel?”

    I like the South Korean flag, too. Although, does anyone else feel hungry for some kind of Asian take-out meal after looking at it, or is that just me?

    100lbs? That’s one serious Kegel. One might pull something. LOL

    • Looking at the South Korean flag makes me want to eat a big bowl of noodle soup.
      I bet I can kegal 100. I am only as strong as I womanhood.
      I’m just kidding, I never did a kegal before, but I hear wonderful things.

  4. Egypt Palain

    About our flag “the Egyptian flag” yes we spend blood to make our future and its a cheap cost to give our country and our religion ………and about the Saudi flag Allah means God….it literally means what you wrote before …….but in our language that means ( there is only one god and Muhammad is a messenger of god ) and about the sword Arabs were popular in Duel with their enemy leaders before battle in old Arabia 10 years old kid was excels in horse riding, sword duel and archery …….This was before Arabs in gulf area become fat and lazy because they neglect Islam

    • I’m a different person since writing that post. Seriously, I don’t know what I was thinking. I was way too harsh and critical. But honestly, I appreciate and love other cultures other than my own. I can’t express enough how much I love the entire world and everyone in it. Some people have different veiws, thats all. I want every place to represent peace and love – we all come from the same place after-all. I wish we can love each other without representing voilent imagery.

      Peace and Love my friend!

  5. Egypt Palain

    We also want peace and we welcome any one who comes to our country . But walk in our shoes and imagine if an army is invading your country raping women and children and killing men then when we try to fight back the west media saying they are terrorists. Tell me if your at home instead of receiving birthday gift from your brother you receive his bloody dead body carried by people. Would you feel love and peace for those people who killed him ??????
    I’m Just saying this to explain how do we feel we don’t hate Japan or china or Nigeria or India or even the people of the west we hate the governments and the leaders of the west because we are not fools these people don’t want democracy they only want our money, oil and erasing our religion. Did you know in the Egyptian revolution US commando force was sent to control the Suez canal our army killed some of the bastards but no one heard about it in the media.
    Please don’t get me wrong thinking I’m some fanatic without a mind to think
    But most of the people get us wrong and I’M SOOOOOO Sorry If it’s offend you.
    Take care Melanie My friend 🙂

  6. By the way I forgot to tell you my name I’m Karim Roshdy
    Egypt Paladin

    • Thanks for taking the time to write to me Karim! It means a lot to me to hear from others all over the world. I can’t imagine what your life is like. It’s much different than mine.

  7. No problem Melanie, and our life is not much different than yours I go to college (Faculty of engineering Cairo university) I hang out with my friends on week ends I spend holidays with my family. But the different between us is the way of thinking. For me and most of the people here our country and our religion comes first. The problem is most of the people think our religion is a theocratic system like the one you suffered from in biblical times. If you want to know about our culture watch this movie. It will explain a lot if you want to know

    OK Take care beautiful.

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