All you need is love, bum shuboody bum

I’m in the habit of loving everyone.  I love most people that I come in contact with no matter who they are or what they do.  I make a conscious decision to find what’s loveable about them, and in doing so, I escape my own enveloping thoughts for a while. 

I find flaws to be the most loveable, defining characteristic in a person.  I don’t mean that I love people with psychiatric disorders, but simple flaws like mismatched socks, or a slight stutter – anything that exposes their indefensible humanity.  Their fallible, but true identity among the general populace – a beacon shining on their superior uniqueness.

The people who leave themselves exposed and vulnerable to the world, are those that I find most irresistable.  The more awkward and meek, the more they capture my heart.  Some people cover up their insecurities with aloof, or callous behaviour – making dry jokes, or acting sullen, I love those people, too!  Very few can circumvent my loving nature.  And what’s best of all (according to my book, “The Road Less Traveled”) is that I make a conscious choice to love them.  I don’t need to love anybody, but I choose to.  On days when I feel tired and want to be alone to sulk in my sleep deprived thoughts, I don’t love anybody on those days.

The people that I don’t love, or can’t love, are people who get satisfaction by hurting others.  I’m not always consciously aware when I meet these characters, but my subconscious spot’s them for me.  My body (soul) also refuses to love people who are inconsiderate.  Some people want to mean well, but want is not the same as do (and some people don’t even want). These personalities, unlike the one’s who like to purposely hurt others, just don’t care either way about the emotional well-being of an other.  They are to some degree, (I know it sounds harsh, but…..) sociopaths.  The people who like to hurt others, they are sadistic.  My inner workings secretly know when I meet these types, and my mojo gets covertly shut down, and my draw-bridge goes up. 

I don’t meet many of these personalities.  In fact, I can probably count them all on one hand.  But there are degree’s to everything.  We may all be a little sadistic, or sociopathic to some degree.  Like, when someone is annoying you so bad that you want to inflict the same, if not more, distress on them.  Or when someone hurt you so bad that you turn off all modes of caring for that individual.  We all do it, but most likely our choice to do it is warranted, and among the best of us, it is warranted and well thought-out.

Wow, I’m completely off my original topic.  I just ran on an unprecedented tangent that came out of nowhere.  All I wanted to write, originally, was that I love my clients.  And that some of them are so special to me, that it feels ‘fated’ or scripted that we have met.

If my life were a movie, these special people would be the stereotypical support characters that take on the roles of assuring me that life is a spectacular journey filled with meaning and wonder.  These people come in all forms; from meek, shy cops, to zany, robust women.

Today I massaged a retired, blue-collar worker from Long Island.  He’s my old-wise council support character.  Everything about him is true and good – predictable and bedrock.  His voice is not unique.  It’s the same voice you would imagine a 62-year-old working man from Long Island would sound like – warm, velvety and deep.  With him, I can’t find any flaws.  Perhaps I’m the one with the loveable foibles in this dynamic relationship.

We talked through the whole session.  Today we discussed, again, about my upcoming trip to South Korea.

Him – It’s going to be one heck of a trip.  You’ll never forget it.  Is there anything specific that you’re looking forward to seeing?

Me – Hmm…..Well, I guess seeing the temple’s would be cool.  I’m interested in the architecture of their buildings,  and food.  I love different kinds of food, so I’m really looking forward to eating.

Him – Ha ha, I like food, too.  Very much.

He wanted to talk about my trip for the whole hour.  He wanted to know how I felt about it, how my parents felt about it, and he kept reassuring me that is was going to be brilliant.

He told me about a cross country trip he taken by himself when he was 35 and recently divorced.  He said it was liberating.  Now he is happily remarried to his more suitable counterpart, whom is also my astute client with lots of wisdom of her own to impart on me.

As we were saying our goodbye’s for the evening, he looked me in the eye and said that I’m the only therapist he would ever go to.  He is a very loyal and committed supporting character indeed.  I have very few clients of that caliber.

I’m one lucky girl.  I mean, to come in contact so frequently with memorable, soul enriching beings on a daily basis is one thing, but to be aware of it is another.  I look at people with my eyes open.

Now you know a little bit more about me, not that you really care or anything.  That’s the beauty of blogging, nobody really cares what I write (especially if I only write about myself).  People want entertaining and interesting posts.  Writing about how much I love my clients, is neither of those.

For those of you who made it to the end of this post, you are rewarded with a John Stewart, Moment of Zen:

Mom – There’s cool whip in the fridge if you want it with your jello.

Me – You’re pronouncing it wrong.

Mom – What?  Cool whip?

Me – It’s pronounced Coo-Hwhip.

Mom – Cool whip.

Me – Coo-Hwhip.

Mom – Cool whip.

Me – Coo-Hwhip.

Mom – Cool whip.


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4 responses to “All you need is love, bum shuboody bum

  1. Steph

    I love you Mel!! This post made me happy 🙂 I wish I were going Yo south Korea with you!

    • I’m glad I can make you happy. I was happy writing that post. We can all go to South Korea together when we take our world tour. I’m planning my blog tour. It’s like a book tour, only with a blog.

  2. Steph

    That sounds great!!

  3. Holly

    I love this post! Steph – I agree, it made me happy too 🙂
    And I love the Moment of Zen

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