Ummm…..okay, can someone please tell me why I seen three cars this week with balls hanging off of them?  It seems that guys like scrotums more than women ( I personally don’t care for them).  But why is this?  Girls don’t hang boobs off of their vehicles.  We may exhibit a Georgia Okeefe painting, but we don’t display vagina accessories on the backs of our vehicles.  I don’t get men.   

My ex-boyfriend is someone who would hang balls off his truck.  That could be his birthday present.  It was his birthday party today and I didn’t go.  I texted him:

Happy birthday love muffin

and he texted me:

Thanks puddin cake!  See yas later?

And I never responded.  I’m such a shit.  I know I am, you don’t have to tell me.  I forgot okay?  I’ll text him tomorrow.


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10 responses to “Bumpernuts

  1. Holly

    Bumpernuts are also known as TruckNuts. I dont get it, nor do I care to get it. I think they are gross.

  2. Holly

    LOL….. Let’s do it for April Fools Day! remind me 🙂

  3. Personally I think they’d look even funnier dangling from the rear view mirror like dice. I’m here through our friend Wingstruck’s Blogging Friends effort. I do sports, bad movies and mythology at my blog. If you like my blog, too, just let me know and we can do a link exchange or add each other to our blog rolls.

  4. Yea…I don’t undertand that stuff either. See them all the time around here. There is no way that I would have them on my truck. I think those “arms” haning out of the trunk are pretty goofy too…Have you seen those?

  5. Okay, I’ve seen a lot of these–some flesh colored, some blue (really? blue?).

    If you’ve ever been cut off by a lifted truck, sporting nuts, covered in flags stickers, KC lights, and gun rack–you know two things:

    1) You might want to move in the near future.
    2) If there are balls hanging off the back, there’s probably a prick in d*ck in the front.


  6. There should have been a slash between prick in/… oh, never mind. *sigh*

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