Bored bored bored

I want to start contemplating more, but the problem with that is it ends up being circular logic that brings me back to where I first began, with having even more questions in tow.

I have no contemplative thoughts today anyway.  The only thing on my mind is money.

I opened up over 30 tip envelopes a couple days ago and deposited the money in the bank.

All my bills are paid, and I get my paycheck in two days.  I have all this extra money that I don’t know what to do with.  It’s driving me crazy.  I want to spend it, but I can’t.  My debt needs to be paid, and I need money for college – I’m still planning on going. 

I feel bored.  I feel like being social and rambunctious, but I’m stuck here at work – and my clients today aren’t the talkative type. 

I’m inspired by Venus Williams attire.

If I was an all-star tennis pro, I would be dressing myself in some outrageous outfits, too.  It would distract my opponents.  And it’s different and refreshing.  How can I be different and refreshing in my job?  I’m so vanilla and conventional like ivory soap. 

Now there’s a contemplative question.  How can I be different and refreshing without spoiling my professionalism?  What can I do differently?  I’m a huge advocate for making everything fun.  I just can’t find the fun in my job.  I find the rewards in other aspects, but it doesn’t fit with who I am.  I am a fun connoisseur – a different kind of wellness provider.


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4 responses to “Bored bored bored

  1. Steph

    You can send some of that money my way LOL

  2. Holly

    You can send me some money too. Also, Mel you will need some money for South Korea!!!!

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